At least 50 killed and many injured in attack in Nigeria


The perpetrators of the massacre are unknown.

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Policemen guard a church in NigeriaGeorge EsiriReuters
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armed men attacked a Catholic church in the Ondo region in south-western Nigeria this Sunday, and they have killed many loyalistsAccording to the government and the police.

The attack happened during a morning mass event at the Catholic Church of San Francisco in the city of Ovo, in the country’s southwest, an area where attacks are unusual. Jihadi Attacks & Criminal Gangs,

“It is too early to say how many people died. But many believers lost their lives and others were injured,” he said. Ibukun OdunlamiPolice spokesman in the Ondo area.

President Muhammadu Buhari Condemned the attack, calling it “horrific”. Local media claimed that women and children were also among the dead.

Funamilayo Ibukun Odunlamispokesperson of shelf of Ondo State, has limited itself to saying there has been an incident at the Catholic Church of San Francisco in Ovo, and police will issue a new statement soon.

Africa’s most populous country, especially in its north-west, has seen ransom attacks and kidnappings by armed gangs. These attacks are rare in southwestern Nigeria.

Governor of Ondo State, Brother of Oluvarotimi Akeredolu, has shortened his visit to the capital Abuja and returned to Ondo after the attack. “We will allocate all available resources hunt down these attackers And pay them,” he said.

in a statement Diocese of Ondo He has said that the security agents have left to keep the situation calm. The diocese denied that some priests had been kidnapped and said that all members of the clergy were safe.

The bishop has appealed to remain calm, respect the law and pray in peace, so that the situation in the community, the state and the country can return to normal.

The attack took place on Sunday, Pentecost, an important date for Catholics.

At the moment, the people responsible for the attack and their motives are unknown.

Nigeria has been shaking for 12 years a jihadist insurgency in the northeast of the country, while criminal groups are committed mass kidnapping Separatist groups operate in the North-West and South-East.

The Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis is aware of the fact and is praying for the victims of the deadly attack.

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