At least 5,000 passengers have been affected by a catenary collapse disrupting the Barcelona-Madrid AVE line


As of 2:55 pm, an Ouigo train, which traveled from Puerta de Atocha to Barcelona, ​​has been stopped between the cities of Zaragoza and Alhama de Aragón in Ariza.

As the AVE line it passes through Zaragoza.

Some 5,000 passengers in about 20 trains This afternoon has been affected by the impossibility of running trains connecting Barcelona through Madrid, cities in the north and south of the peninsula and Marseille (France). detachment of a catenary on a high-speed line that connects Catalan capital with MadridNotify the sources of Renfe.

Train traffic on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona high-speed line has been disrupted due to the detachment of this catenary.

one of the ways On the Ariza-Alhama de Aragón road, power failure restoreSo that, after the transfer of train passengers, movement can be restored on a track by section, as reported by Adif on the social network.

From 2:55 pm onwards, long distance trains from low cost rail operators ouigowho traveled from Puerta de Atocha station to Barcelona, Lives in custody between the cities of Ariza and Alhama de AragonIn the province of Zaragoza, as a result of the breakdown.

event affects all trains high-speed line Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona and AVE for long distance trains Marseille-Atocha Gate,

Renfe has indicated that due to this fault about 20 trains affecting Barcelona, ​​both departing and arriving, correspond to the AVE which connects to Madrid and Marseille, as well as the Alvia and Avant convoys which routes to the south and north. cover, a part of which runs along high-speed highways.

Renfe is currently studying the options it can offer travelers Whereas “it has offered Ouigo the resources to relocate passengers who are stuck in a train that has stopped in the middle of the AVE track”.

According to Aadif sources, at the moment, the reason for the detachment of the catenary (the line that supplies power to the train) is unknown or when it will be resolved.

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