At least five Marines killed in military plane crash in California


“Five Marines were on board the plane and we await confirmation of the status of all crew members.”

File image of a plane that crashed in California today.
File image of a plane that crashed in California today.AFP

A military plane carrying five US marines crashed in southern California on Wednesday, a spokesman for that military body said.

The source did not provide any information about the possible victims of the accident, but Denied information that the device was transporting radioactive materials When it crashed near Glamis, 35 km from the Mexican border.

“We can confirm that an aircraft belonging to the 3e Marine Aircraft Wing crashed near Glamis,” the spokesman said.

“There were five sailors on board and we are awaiting confirmation of the condition of all the crew members,” he said.

“Military and civil rescue teams are at the scene. Contrary to rumors on social media, There was no nuclear material on the plane.” Specify source.

The MV-22B Osprey vertical takeoff aircraft was based at Marine Corps Air Station at Camp Pendleton.

The US military has already experienced several accidents involving these types of aircraft, in which four people died in Norway in March during a NATO exercise.

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