At least three killed in a new attack in Israel


Two attackers used an ax and a shotgun to attack Israeli civilians in the city of Elad.

Police present at the spot on Thursday.Ahmed GharbaliAFP
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least three people have died and four others have been injured (two in critical condition) in a new attack. Israel At the end of the celebration day on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of its independence. According to preliminary reports, two Palestinians attacked with axes For passers-by in the city Elad in Central Israel before escaping in the car.

While the anti-terrorist unit of the Israeli police began a search for the suspects, the mayor of Elad, israel porush, asked its residents, mostly ultra-conservative, Maximum caution against the possibility of new attacks: “Close the doors of your homes to avoid more victims and pray for the injured.”

“The terrorists arrived at a square in the city, They murdered an old man and then went to a park where the families were And keep killing. It seems that the Arabs knew this place”, declared Israel Gobi, a resident of Elad, Canal 12.

Hours later, Israeli police identified two Palestinians from Zain, north of the occupied West Bank, who were responsible for the attack, while a search and capture operation continues. The police react to the names of the identified suspects Yosef Asad Al Rafa, de 19 aos, y Sabhi Abu Shakir, de 20, Both residents of Romana City in Yen District.

Police reported this Friday, “Police, in cooperation with various special units, have been carrying out intensive activity in the Elad area since last night, using all available technical resources to arrest the two residents of Yen, who were supposed to carry out the attack. suspected to have committed.” spokesperson, who also called for civic cooperation.

18 people have died in six terrorist attacks In Israel from the end of March. Like previous attacks, the Islamist group Hamas praised this Thursday night, saying it was a response to “aggression against the mosque”. Al Aqsa”.

Hamas’ armed wing claimed responsibility for an armed attack last Friday night in which two Palestinians killed a security guard at the entrance. Ariel in the West Bank. A few days later, he was detained by Israeli agents in a village in the territory occupied by Israel in the 1967 war. More than 20 Palestinians, mostly militiamen but also civilians, were shot by Israeli soldiers and police in the riots and raids. As a result of the wave of attacks in Israel over the past month and a half.

end of last week, Hamas leader Yehya Sinwar Calling on Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel to carry out more attacks, citing a point in his speech Gaza Resources used in Elad: “Who has a rifle, prepare it and who does not have a rifle, use a knife or ax”.

“The Defense of the Holy Al-Aqsa does not end with the end” Ramadn”, In the context of last month’s clashes between Palestinians and policemen in the Esplanade of mosques in Jerusalem. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and the Palestinian faction Condemn that Israel intends to change remain so of sacred premises Islam (Great Sanctuary) and Judaism (Temple Mount) by allowing as many Jews as possible to visit the sanctuary and want to split the place into two cult centers. “this is a Red line”, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah warned today. according to remain so In this enclave, administered by a religious entity controlled by Jordan, Jewish Israelis and non-Muslim tourists are not allowed to pray on their visit to the Esplanade. Israel denies there has been any change remain so and blames Hamas for throwing stones and fireworks at agents located at entrances and on the Esplanade of the Wailing Wall to “encourage young extremists” for the riots.

Voices are getting louder in Israel after the attack in Elad Ask the military to attack Hamas in Gaza To change a comfortable reality for this Islamic group in which, on the one hand, it feels immune and secure in the territory it controls and on the other, it encourages and organizes attacks in Israel.

The worst wave of attacks in recent years has also dented the Israeli government’s chances of survival, which is already rare when a month has passed since its formation. Right-wing opposition led by Benjamin Netanyahu accused the prime minister Naftali Bennett It relies on four representatives of the Islamic Arab Party not to use a “necessarily hard hand” against Hamas and Islamic Jihad. winddown Which, historically, is part of a government coalition. Bennett categorically denies this and reiterates that “security agencies have full freedom to act against terrorists and have managed to thwart dozens of attacks in recent weeks. Terrorists will have to pay dearly.”

“pleasure Independence Day Interrupted in an instant. A murderous attack on Elad that shakes the heart and soul, we will not succumb to terror,” the Israeli foreign minister responded, Yair Lapid, For an attack that forced the government to block access to the West Bank and Gaza until Sunday and which will be removed tonight.

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