At the Juan Carlos I Sanxenxo Nautical Club again applause and “Live the king!” Appears again to shout slogans. and “Long live Spain!”


Emeritus has been received by the Mayor and Municipal Corporation, the Board of Directors of Nautico and Rogue’s team.

King Juan Carlos received by Telmo Marta, the mayor of Sanxenxo
Received by King Juan Carlos, Mayor of Sanxenxo, Telmo Martón.junior laundressEFE
  • environment Applause and Spanish flags on arrival of Don Juan Carlos in Sancánxo: “We have never seen anything like this, the interest is very high”
  • return King Juan Carlos returned to Spain and took refuge in his friend’s house

Four minutes of cheers, applause and emotion. This has been the arrival of King Juan Carlos Real Club Nuético de Sanxenxo Three years after his last regatta. “Hail to the king!” Smiling and very comfortable amidst the applause and cries of, and “Long live Spain!” Has reappeared in Juan Carlos I Club Nuético de Sanxanxo To take part in the Interres Regatta to be held this weekend in the city that has become his refuge after his abandonment. In a vehicle with and driven by the Infanta Elena Pedro Campos, King Emeritus has arrived at the club after sharing after 12:30 pm an early lunch With the Mayor of Sanxenxo, Telmo Martn, at Campos House. He is welcomed within the club Bourbon’s Pedro do Sicilybaby boy don carlos and member of the Municipal Corporation of Pontevedra City.

At the gates of Neutico, where King gave a long greeting to the press, he was received by the Mayor of Sanxenxo, the board of directors of Neutico and the crew of the team. bribney, Already within the club, several members have met Don Juan Carlos, as he had been invited to attend this reunion with the Emperor a few days earlier. After the meeting he is going to hold in Nautico, it will be revealed in which boat he enjoys the regatta

According to sources close to Raja, during the regatta eat nothing on the high seas, So the day he goes sailing, he’s used to doing on brunch To gain strength and endure without eating until noon. because the king will do your wish reapply After three years without touching the sea. The question is whether Monarca will ride on the Rogue or whether to continue the regatta on a rubber boat.

winds are expected 14 and 20 knots At noon, great conditions for competition, but complicated for someone 84 years old with mobility problems.

Juan Carlos I arrived in Spain last Thursday at seven o’clock. His eldest daughter, Infanta Elena and Pedro Campos with his wife were waiting for him at Vigo airport. From there they went to the owner’s house. According to sources close to him, Don Juan Carlos he was very excited All afternoon The king, who had spent hours of flight impatiently, could not help but reach Spanish airspace as the controller told him: “Welcome to Spain, Your Excellency.”

That description moved Felipe VI’s father to tears, who began to experience exciting moments from that moment on. what hug With which the Infanta Elena welcomed him. A long, relaxing embrace, followed by a respectful bow. Already in the car, the former emperor narrated the story of the airfield to his comrades, and he became emotional again.

Last night, King Juan Carlos showed up happy and impatient to return to the sea. Have dinner at Pedro Campos’ home and take a break from traveling to get in shape today.

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