Atletico grabs the podium with the flap. LaLiga Santander 2021

Real Sociedad 1 – Atletico 2


He dispelled doubts at the first act at San Sebastian and eventually pushed Real (1-2) to third with goals from De Paul and Correa.

Korea celebrated its goal with Griezmann and Coke.
Korea celebrated its goal with Griezmann and Coke.John SmithEFE
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The club aims to enter the Champions League, but our goal is to become the champion. for that message Diego Paulsimone, slipped in the last one, this is not a phrase on the air, Atletico will have to show the face with which they win, already in the second half, their last hurdle towards the podium. With two swipes he pushed Real Sociedad out of his way and secured third place in what seemed nothing more than a fantasy in February. Last night he went on vacation knowing it was a fact.

Looking at what happened during the first act in San Sebastian, no one would doubt that the third place at stake, either for the honors or for the seven million that came with it, was Real Sociedad. Atlético was overtaken by the game, speed and enthusiasm of the locals, who had nothing at stake. The people of Simeon were saved by the fact that the local fangs were rather blunt.

Just a year after that magical afternoon in Valladolid, where louis suarez Atletico crowned, Rosiblancos find themselves trying to tie the knot in third place from where the numbers never drop cholos throughout its season. However, it was Real who took charge and who could do a lot of damage before the break.

it was Raphael rafinha, who failed to calibrate their crosshairs. First, followed by a personal move sorlothwho was always in check reinaldo, He ended up kissing the left post of the shot Cloud, Later, after the fatal error of servantpressured by IsaacWith a shot that was whistled by the visiting goalkeeper.

And Ramiro sat happy and content in the locker room, because neither Griezmann Nor did Cunha, the visiting point, enter his domain. nor did Carrasco, whose infiltration was cut off by gorosabel, jubimendi He successfully moved the ball in Donostiara midfield. Everything was the same in Pizzun’s lawn hundreds of kilometers away.

Wake up

But since football is about what it is, about force, about ruthlessness, Atletico didn’t care about all the doubts it left behind. his first flash where, fresh out of the locker room, ended up hitting the crossbar. next, of from paulThe lead, crucial for the red-and-white cause in the last sprint, entered inadvertently through Ramiro’s squad. One of those great shoes that was distilled while trading on the rise in Italy.

Griezmann, whom they did not forget at San Sebastian, could settle the matter, but the target refused to congratulate him for a long time. His sacrifice is undeniable. It was an Atlético with another face, one with a more dangerous demeanor. You always have to be serious to close any game. Korea Pulling pen to seal contract, despite ultimate intrigue guridic, Sevilla won, but nothing mattered now. Suarez’s last night, in the rain, he finished on the podium, which is now customary.

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