Atlético Madrid accelerates towards the champions against the balance. LaLiga Santander 2021


Carrasco’s penalty goal helped Simeone’s team beat Real Madrid for the first time at their stadium.

Carrasco defeated Lunin on penalties.
Carrasco defeated Lunin on penalties.AFP
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When the agony ended, the metropolis breathed its last. When, this time yes, he celebrated his first victory in a derby. It doesn’t matter what is the conspiracy behind it. It remains that the penalty goal by Carrasco is, in the end, the bottle that opposes. He put effort and desire for it. Forgive and forgive. But I won, which matters, and a ticket to the Champions League is already a stone.

Staging is always important. Going to an appointment without interest is not the same as Atletico did last night, in a derby crucial to his health. Real Madrid landed comfortably and crowned the Metropolitano, their heads in the Champions League final in Paris and some unusual players in their lineup, such as Vallejo or Jovic, still raised the risk of red-and-white bets.

The sun had not yet set in Madrid when Atletico showed their intentions. Free yourself from the chains of the right wing with Llorente. Verticals become references with Cunha. With Correa, lacking in accuracy, Carrasco and Coke bite tremblingly behind the champion. It started with determination and courage, which was missed several times during the season, which prompted the Atlético team not to pursue the agony for the next Champions League. Determined, not so long ago, to repeat the same mistakes as the previous night in San Mames, which led to the tragedy.

It didn’t take five minutes for locals to send out the first warnings about Lunin’s goalkeeper, who was exploring the league for the first time with Real Madrid. Kondogbia, in a gourmet format that has uncorked several times this season, patted on the cross and found Korea in the same spot where he won the title for Atletico a year earlier. cross shot. Behind him, Carrasco appeared in a gallop, fresh and without complexes, to look out through rival territory as many times as he wanted. The white defense went amidst the faux pas. And the Belgian, face-to-face with Lucas Vazquez, appeared twice before half an hour. Like his team, he lacked punch. Until that moment, neither of the two goalkeepers had interfered, despite athletic superiority.

But the derby opened before the break. VAR did it, falling on the side of the face this time to Rosiblancos. Cunha, full of power and speed, started down the center aisle after a shipment from Llorente and ended sandwiched between Vallejo and Milito. Soto Grado passed, but the screen showed the young central defender had pushed the Brazilian. Carrasco, who no longer speaks of taking responsibility, betrays Lunin. The metropolis was filled with enthusiasm.

But we must not lose respect for Madrid even for a moment. Although it seems unlikely that something could happen, with the brakes just around the corner. Atletico missed for a moment, but Oblak dazzled with his usual cape to save that momentary win. That momentary victory in that corner of the capital meant a lot, an emotional one too.

Atlético began the second act without Correa, initially Blur, and with Griezmann. And Real Madrid woke up to a different effect with other intentions. After all, a derby is always a derby. So the night was getting frenzied. Jovic reappeared near Oblak, but was disarmed by Saivic. Carrasco looked up at the sky and wondered how the hell he had been around the gate he was longing to pass. Casemiro flashed his smile after a harmless shot in a fatal counter. And Cunha shrugged her pants after waiving the sentence for Real Madrid. Griezmann had gone up a gear in the attack.

And Ancelotti, who was not convinced by the result, despite the fact that he didn’t have much to gain, pulled most of the first spades he put on the bench as a precaution. Vinicius, Valverde, Modric and Mendy entered one by one. Only Benzema was missing.

Both Carrasco and Griezmann had drawn the white epitaph, but the pen’s ink ran out in front of Madrid’s jaws. And it usually doesn’t bode well when the neighbor is next. But Atletico kept its bet, firm and confident. Oblak, who saved a necessary victory, almost forced out, paved his way to Europe. It was the story of the first victory in a derby for the eyes of the Metropolitan.

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