Autograph, 35 books and interest in mountains, Queen Letizia inaugurates post-pandemic book fair


Felipe VI’s wife has visited the booths for an hour and a half. They have taken books and interacted with authors and publishers

queen at the fair
queen at the fairXavier LijnEFE
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Normalcy has returned after two years at the book fair. Finally, the Retiro Park car ride is open from this Friday to all who wish to come to the booths to take a look. editorial news. The first reader to receive the fair has been Queen Letizia. Over the years, Felipe VI’s wife has been in charge of opening this cultural event, a moment she enjoys and in which she reveals some of her literary tastes.

At eleven o’clock in the morning, the queen appeared at the booth of the Ministry of Culture. Together with the Minister of Education, pillar cheersThe Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the Deputy Mayor, Begoa Vilaques, Doa Letizia, spent an hour and a half at the fair.

Rani had planned a tour passing through institutional and private booths. Thus, having completed the Children’s Pavilion and the European Pavilion, from which she came out with a fan bearing the flag of the Union, the Queen stops at El’s house.hybrid polyphemus, There, Doa Letizia values ​​the assembly effort and receives two gift books: In demand of King Solomon Islands, on Spanish sailors in the South Pacific in the sixteenth century, and selected Works Ramon y Kajal.

Because it is a day when the queen receives the books of her interest and tells which books she has read. Thus, in the booth of the Reno bookstore, he was pleased to see the exhibits useless utility Nushio Ordine and . By El Cine Seg Hitchcockby Francois Truffaut. As the bookstores later revealed, they are two main titles of Doa Letizia who studied during her university days.

The Queen’s stop at Booth 298 has been even more fascinating libra inequality, It is the oldest bookstore in Spain, as it has been in the same location since 1890. It is currently a bookstore specializing in climbing. Doa Letizia has confessed to the store owner that she has visited his store on several occasions. you don’t recognize me“, he said. The queen has taken three books: rebel wirewho talks about women in the climbing world, yoga and climbing and second. about the life of Carlos Soria, According to what he told the author, he really likes going to nature and mountains.

Stop with Pepa Artega, owner of miraguano bookstore, It’s been very emotional because this year he is retiring After the 44 editions present at the fair. From his stand, number 207, Artega claims about the Madrid fair: “There is no other in the world, here the writers are with the readers”. Doa Letizia and Artega talk about Rodrigo Cours’ latest book and the Queen has taken on the banks of the bosphorus,

Guttemberg (Booth 222) in Galaxia is reconnected with Doa Letizia Theodore Califatides. The Swedish writer of Greek descent was signing books at the fair and negotiating with the Queen, whom he had met during a state visit to Sweden. Doa Letizia, who had already read one more life to live has taken his latest book, as well as an illustrated version of it Ulysses And this corsair writings by Pasolini. The owners of the publishing house have given him the poetry collected from here. Oblivion Garca Walds, Winner of the Reena Sofa Poetry Award.

Doa Letizia, who stops at the Portugal stand and assures she has Pessoa’s biography at home, is very hot. Daniel de la Riva, This young man has a bookshop in Parla and this year he has come to the fair for the first time. From her booth number 235, Doa Letizia congratulates her on the collection of children’s books, has also considered the comic manga titles they sell. “They told us it was a pleasure that now manga It’s on so many forums, you can even put it on paper.” The queen was pleased that they promote the culture in Parla and have taken bone thief, by Manel Laurero.

a respected fan

With the official tour complete, Doa Letizia has arrived to chat with the shop assistants at the Asteroid Books booth. He has told them that it is one of his favorite publishers. He also told them that Eviction: On Marriage and SeparationHe loved it, by Rachel Cusk. novel too small villageMaggie O’Farrell

throughout the tour hundreds of curious They were trying to get closer to the queen. Carmen, a Madrilaneian, has managed to get Doa Letizia’s attention in a car ride. As he explained to EL Mundo, he had spent many years trying to get the queen. sign a fan that he has since the marriage of the kings. “I’ve finally got it, the queen is gorgeous, with those green eyes…she’s very skinny, but she eats great,” she told this newspaper, showing the fan.

In addition to the mentioned books, many others have been received to complete Doa Letizia. total 35, Before leaving for Madrid, the Queen skips protocol to greet some of the spectators, who say goodbye to Guapa with cries.

Books received by the Queen

a thread binds me to you Beatriz Gimnez D’Ory

Properties (and secrets) Xess Fraga (and the Spanish version)

the rebels Christina Perry Rosic

infinite reading Reading Promotion Plan 2021-2024

strings i story-yeah

Guam, Mariana and Chamorro Culture City Hall

Sabatini’s Madrid

synfil telegram Jose Luis Garcia

The last summer of the USSR Sarah Gutierrez

Sunstroke (Love Story) Emilia Pardo Bajani

history of the united states Howard Zinno

hands so small marina sanmartin

San, Book of Miracles manual esturo

2022 Catalog Castro Library

Spanish Classical Writers Selected Works Santiago Ramon y Cajalu

In demand from King Solomon Islands Forgotten Navigators in the South Pacific

PW Magazine From Madrid to Paradise passing through El Retiro

Alfonso (photographer)

yoga and climbing Eileen Jubbs

rebel wire Portrait of female climbers Arantxa López Marugna

Carlos SoriaMOUNTAINEER Daro Rodriguez

on the banks of the bosphorus Antonio de Zayasi

Language and functionality to the rhythm of jazz almudena maestre

In this garden, you won’t kill Oka Leele

Bear Waltz Edward Prieto

EU: Sensational!

listen to me manual mirror

when a queen takes off her shoes manual mirror

two cities and love Gemma Herves Asensio

bone thief Manuel Loreiro

the worm that flutters in front of me Oblivion Garca Walds

Timandra theodore califatides

Ulysses James Joyce

girl Delia Owens

some full stories sunday villaro

according to the norms of

trust project

know more

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