Avila Julio Jiménez’s cyclist dies at 87


vila’s cyclist died at the Nuestra Seora de Sonsols hospital in Vela after he failed to recover from injuries sustained in a traffic accident.

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Julio Jiménez (right) on the ascent of Galibier in 1967.brand
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Avila’s 87-year-old cyclist, Julio Jiménez, died this morning at Villa’s Nuestra Seora de Sonsols hospital after failing to recover from injuries sustained in a traffic accident that struck the capital yesterday, in which two others Ashtadhyayi was also killed. they were injured, When the vehicle in which they were traveling collided with the wall.

Jimenez, popularly known as . is referred to as villa watchmaker Achieved his professional road in 1959 and 1969 Five wins in the Tour de FranceTo which four more were added to the Giro d’Italia and another three to the Vuelta a Espaa.

In his cycling phase he stood out as a great climberWhich won him the mountain jersey three times in both the Tour and Vuelta.

After his death, one of the first reactions came from the President of the Provincial Council of एvila, Carlos García, who in a press release expressed his condolences on behalf of the workers of the provincial corporation and the institution. Relatives and friends of the cyclist.

García, who reviews some of his sporting achievements, confirms that Gymnezu “Always be a reference in sports from vila and Spain”Since “his record speaks to classify him as one of the greats of cycling in the few years in which cycling was forged as a heroic and exciting sport”.

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Julio Jiménez, Juan Carlos Aparicio, Mara Jose Salguero and Pedro Delgado from right to left.ICAL

He also outlined his “Human Virtue, His Friendliness and His Kindness”both in competition and in his personal life”, characteristics that “made him even more special”.

“The memory of Julio Jiménez, training and competing for the ports of Vila Province, will be everlasting and will be an example to present and future generations of cyclists that this land has always given”, said the President of the Provincial Council. Why the villa?

Julio Jiménez was one of three older people who were injured in the capital yesterday, Tuesday after the vehicle they were traveling in, a car wash wall at the Fuente de la Teja intersection with Pintor Caproti in the northern region had collided with. from the capital of Avila

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