Ayuso announces that the Community of Madrid is going to eliminate all income tax brackets by 2023


This measure would mean a savings of approximately “300 million euros”.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel D.
President of the Madrid Community, Isabel Daz Ayuso.fernando alvaradoEFE

Madrid Community President Isabel Daz Ayuso announced this Monday that the regional government Will eliminate all income tax brackets For the next year, which means savings of “about 300 million euros”.

So if a family earns more in that year, its rent bracket will be adjusted so that keep paying the same tax And don’t lose your purchasing power because of inflation,” the regional leader elaborated.

He announced this at an informative breakfast organized by the digital newspaper argumentWhere he emphasizes that “this is a proposal by the President of the Popular Party, Alberto Nez Feijó, and it is incorporated into the economic model. Which has benefited Madrid a lot in the last two decades”.

In the same interview the regional leader assured that abortion should take place.”legal and safe but rare”Although he rejects the “frivolity with which little ones are being transferred, the treatment of women”.as if it were an incubator“and” life as if it were a problem”.

Similarly, Ayuso has stated that he is “always about the same” to talk “inappropriately” When Spain is experiencing a “democratic winter”, no children are born and “the culture of life is not progressive”, concluding: “I am absolutely against how this is being proposed and I Won’t tell the youth of Madrid that it is a burden that you have to get rid of without any additional consequences And this is freedom, this is a lie”.

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