Ayuso Appeals to the Supreme Court for High School Curriculum and Doesn’t Refuse to Go to the Constitutional Court


The president of the Community of Madrid has accused Pedro Sánchez’s government of “trying to politicize everything” after reading the draft textbooks.

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Isabel Daz Ayuso, this Monday, following the announcement of the appeal.Europa Press

Isabel Diaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, on Monday called A. announced the presentation of Resources before the Supreme Court against the high school curriculum Established by the State Education Act and said that he does not even rule out going to the Constitutional Court.

After pointing out that today is the last day to file the said appeal, he accused the Pedro Sánchez-led government of ‘Trying to politicize everything’After reading the draft high school textbooks.

“We will follow the law but we will appeal”Ayuso, who said he had spoken to his party’s national president Alberto Nez Feijo about this resource, although he did not clarify whether he had his support.

She said the PP respects that autonomous communities make decisions within their powers and clarified that she is the president of her party “above” the community of Madrid, according to Servimedia.

He stated that he submits to the Supreme Court the Royal Decree of the Baccalaureate Curriculum approved by the Central Executive within the framework of the new educational law LOMLOE, understanding that “there is a lack of material and that there is a high conceptual load“They are blowing up the bridges between past, present and future and blowing up the framework on which Spanish coexistence is based,” the president said.

He said that the regional government thus raises its disapproval before the Supreme Court, highlighting part of the issues framed by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, as it believes that “They omit the aspects necessary for the formation of studentsespecially harmful in the Baccalaureate”. Therefore, to be able to use current textbooks, request a precautionary suspension of Royal Decree.

“The debate on something so important that it was conceived in the midst of a pandemic, in alliance with the most damaging thing in Spain, and without consensus, cannot be silenced,” said Ayuso, who recognized that “The weakest government of democracy should not destroy the education of all Spaniards in this way”,

In his opinion, “the bottom line of all this is hidden and at its worst, when Spain was grappling with a global crisis” and is now being met with “impossible deadlines, with the worst art To replace the system of knowledge, knowledge and cultural heritage that links our past, present and future between generations and with the aim of social engineering”.

“We won’t keep quiet”

“We are looking at how the government wants to transform the society and adapt it to its needs”Ayuso, who indicated that this educational reform “cannot be done without a great calm, plural, transparent and open national debate in which all civil, political and cultural forces participate.”

“With this resource we would like to clarify that Our government is not going to remain silent And he will use all means of the rule of law faithfully, but firmly and will fight for this generation so that they do not steal from the political debate The greatest change of Spanish society is to leave it as the perverted peoples who live in Spain. and the world cultural edifice that the freest, most democratic and prosperous countries of the West have given us.”

Another complaint from the community of Madrid is that Delay in approval of royal decrees This has allowed publishers to start working on books set up by a central executive, regardless of what corresponds to the autonomous communities that are currently being developed. Given the lack of necessary materials, he explained, the Madrid executive continues with the expansion of its part of the baccalaureate curriculum decree, introducing significant innovations.

Educational Inspection Review

explained that Madrid Educational Inspection Service to review new textbooks Through a special scheme, since the responsibility of its supervision and other curricular material lies with the educational administration, which should ensure respect for the principles and values ​​of the Constitution and the provisions of law.

education consultant, Enrique Osoriowho accompanied Ayuso at the press conference, said that the response to the appeal could take more than a year and pointed out that, for this reason, he has requested a precautionary suspension of the application of the above course.

Aadi que The curriculum is “full of ideology and without basic knowledge for students. They remove knowledge and add ideology”, “Even as the State Council has openly questioned these courses for their lack of exclusivity and their ideological bias, we agree with the complaints we are making,” he stressed.

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