Ayuso appoints Madrid PP’s Alfonso Serrano as ‘number two’ with the condition that he resign as spokesman in the assembly


In the party he explains that his “natural replacement” would be Pedro Muoz Abrins, but the regional president leaves the door open for him to be a “substitute”.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso with Alfonso Serrano.
Isabel Diaz Ayuso with Alfonso Serrano.A. Dee Lawley
  • Policy Ayuso has been named president of the Madrid PP, thanks to Feizu for not “guarding” him

Appointment of alfonso serrano As general secretary of the PP in Madrid, he has been the party’s worst-kept secret in the past few months. To no one’s surprise, Isabel Diaz Ayusso has actually chosen her campaign manager in the 2019 and 2021 elections. number two,

What was not expected is that, as a toll to assume the position of plumber On the first floor of Genoa Street Headquarters, he must resign from his position. Spokesperson in Regional Assembly, As EL Mundo learned, even the chosen one desired to reconcile both positions, although, “as a good soldier, he will do what is asked of him,” a Summarizes the main source.

In the team of the president of Madrid they confirm that he is the one who has decided that Serrano has “all the time” in the organization of the party because there is “a lot of work to do” before the 2023 regional and municipal elections. Furthermore, they indicate that, unlike the national leadership, there is no figure of a general coordinator in the regional structure, which makes this an “even more difficult” role.

Ayuso has also not hidden that he is not in favor of excessive accumulation of responsibilities, an argument for which he has not included any of his advisers in the Puerta del Sol government in the most relevant positions of his hard core in the party. Still, two of them –Javier Fernandez-Lascetti and Paloma Martín—who is also his most trusted person in the Puerta del Sol executive—has been appointed a member of the board of directors, positions considered class II.

The leader of the PP in Madrid has chosen a Equipment Updated “Almost 100%” Which he himself speculated would certainly generate “if anyone does not know him, the typical comment of who he is”. “And how do they want it to be heard, if no one ever gave them a chance?” He defended this Friday during the regional congress in which he formally gained control of the party.

Are among the strong women of the new organizational chart ana milanoShe was investigated for administrative bias, bribery, fraud and money laundering while she was within a branch as councilor of Arroyomolinos. penal operation, that she shall be the Deputy Secretary of the Organization and the Territorial; And spotless sanjuThe right hand of the Mayor of Madrid, who will be in charge of the regional area.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida will also have a seat on the Autonomous Executive Committee, but his institutional position is consistent with him in the application of the party’s statutes.

have fallen to other positions of higher responsibility jesus morenoThe first mayor of Tres Cantos, who would deal with political action, and the first deputy speaker of the Assembly of Madrid, Jorge RodrigoWho will be responsible for the election department.

Traditionally, the post of general secretary of the PP in Madrid has been occupied by a person of supreme confidence in the party who exercised the leadership of the party and who also held front-rank positions in the regional executive. Asha Aguirre Chosen Francis Granados You Christina Cifuentes For angel garridoTheir numbers are three and two, respectively, in the Governing Council.

Sources consulted by this newspaper have assumed that Serrano’s “logical replacement” as spokesman in the Assembly—he would keep his function as deputy— Pedro Muoz AbrinesoAn MP with a “very technical profile” and “without any desire for heroism” with extensive experience of nearly three decades.

However, Ayuso left the unknown on the air this Friday by saying that it would be next week when he would name his “option or substitute”, thus opening the door for it to happen. noelia nunezuParty spokesperson in Fuenlabrada, whoever takes office.

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