Ayuso defends himself from criticism from the left for telling Uber and Cabify to continue doing the same thing: “Here you are not going to get on ass”.


PP needs Vox’s support to be able to pass legislation that would allow VTC to “maintain the status quo”.

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The Madrid Assembly is set to vote on a reform of the transport law this Thursday that would allow vehicles with a driver (VTC). keep driving around the capital From 1 October. The PP needs to persuade Vox to be able to make this amendment, which has yet to decide its position, as all parties on the left are protesting.

“I am not going to tell the citizens of the community of Madrid that Uber or Cabify is finished”, defended regional president Isabel Diaz Ayuso during his speech in full. “I want the best for taxi, but here All models can coexist And you’re not going to get on the ass as you want and as your friend Ada Colau does”, she said, in response to criticism from Barcelona’s mayor of Madrid, Monica Garcia’s spokesperson.

Earlier, the leader of the opposition at Valeques Hemicycle accused the leader of the PP of, among other groups, not protecting taxi drivers, who demonstrated this Wednesday to protest the regulation of the VTC, which they It’s called “Suite to Major”. To which he said: “When you only see brats in which protect their rights And preaching in the teaching of the most basic values, perhaps we are neither spoiled nor those who have a problem”.

New rules according to the Ministry of Transport “guarantees maintenance of status quo” For companies such as Uber and Cabify, “which will be able to continue operating in the region as before, without the conditions specifically reserved for taxis, such as street pick-up or access to specific stops.” Nor are additional restrictions imposed, such as a minimum pre-contract time requirement or the requirement to return to base after each service.

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