Ayuso inaugurated the PP Congress in Madrid with a video featuring Casado . All the former presidents of the party except


Madrid’s president will take control of training in the region this Friday

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  • Policy Congress comes to poison the PP and leads Casado to propose Almeida as Ayuso’s replacement in the community: “everything gone from mother”.
  • Analysis Ayuso takes “total control of Madrid” and suppresses the PP of the Salamanca neighborhood.

PP Congress in Madrid to which Isabel Daz Ayuso is attending officially take control of the party in the region It was inaugurated this Friday with a video that shows all the former presidents of the formation, except Pablo Casado. old management’s reluctance popular The leader of Madrid had the spigot holding autonomous command of the formation who had disintegrated the Guanova leadership before the arrival of Alberto Nez Feijo.

The conclave in which Ayuso is finally being crowned regional leader is held at Pavilion 6. efema fair ground, After a day of interference from various institutional and political positions, voting is scheduled for 7:00 pm today and the results will be known at around 8:30 pm, although, apparently, there will be no room for surprise, as he is the only one. Candidate.

Feijo and former presidents Jose María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy in the inaugural video. Also from former Madrid leaders Po García-Escudero and Esperanza Aguirre, from former mayors José María lvarez del Manzano and Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón to the capital’s current mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and even the director of Spanish as well. Office, Tony Kent. There is no trace on the other side of the former party leader, who was the man who chose Ayuso as a candidate for the Community of Madrid in 2019.

Because the community president’s proposal is a “total renewal” of the party in the capital. It was said at the inauguration of the Congress popular in front of the media. ,I risk doing something different, which is honest, committed, and puts winners at the forefront, I don’t like quotas,” said the regional leader, who has assured that otherwise “I will fall victim to the counterweight.”

Within this new structure, Ayuso highlights his commitment to “people unknown to the media at this time”, “who have been home for a long time” and “never took a step forward”. ,PP represents the best of Spain and in Madrid the desire for independence, strength and sensitivity is in its DNA for those who are having the worst“, have added.

The regional president has also influenced the national tone he has been maintaining for months and accuses him of “the most authoritarian government in a democracy”. “This government is dispelling Spain’s illusions, doesn’t want us to know our heritage and our history, and it censors the Spanish,” he remarked, before focusing on the “sectarian agenda that divides the Spaniards”. , followed by the central executive.

Within that agenda, Ayusso has pointed out that the government “stigmatizes women who go out to work every day with unnecessary arguments”, “leaving away less wealthy families”. “It encourages drug crises among young people” and “it tells us what to eat, drink or think”, “They intend to transform our country by erasing institutions like justice, while the government becomes smaller. They are the worst image that can be given to Spain,” he said.

Prior to that executive, the president of Madrid has positioned the PP, and in particular Madrid, as the party that “opens the door to Spaniards who want A necessary political change through “confusion” for “a new project”. “The solution is in PP more than ever, and especially in Madrid. We are always the solution for Spain against those who oppress and humiliate it,” he concluded.

a small team

Ayuso has advanced that the new executive committee of the regional PP will have four deputy secretaries instead of the current six and will have two new regions: one focused on Madrid people who live abroad and the other on Madrid newcomers, “People who come from all corners of the world to work and build Madrid”. He wants to give “a very visible space” to the department in charge of civic attention, “whether they are members or not.”

Regarding those responsible who will hold various positions that will not be made public until this afternoon, the president has said the renewal will not be 100%, “but almost”, and that she will opt for “people unknown” to the media. And the general public “didn’t get the opportunity to move on”. He also denied that he made the selection on the basis of quota, although he confirmed that there would be representatives from the districts and city councils of the region, “People with conviction to prepare the house for next year’s elections.

What was coming with Ayuso in this new trip was an open secret in the hard core and no surprises in the end: the leader confirmed this Thursday that Alfonso Serrano would be the general secretary of the PP in Madrid, with practical objectives for the party in the region. number two and right hand The regional president’s on the first floor of Gnova 13.

After his appointment was confirmed, the current spokesman for the popular group in the regional assembly already assured that his new political responsibility “demands great dedication”. indicated that he would probably resign from his position as parliamentary speaker, The president confirmed this Friday that she will announce the name of “her substitute or substitute” next week.

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