Ayuso named president of Madrid PP, thanks Feijo for not “guarding” him


The regional president is surrounded by a new leadership “almost 100%” in which he has a strong woman, Anna Milan, who was investigated by ‘Panika’.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso.
Isabel Diaz Ayuso.Alberto Di Lolli
  • Policy Ayuso started the PP Congress in Madrid with a video in which Casado . All the former presidents of the party had participated except
  • Policy Almeida surrenders to Ayuso as Madrid PP president: “Isa, here’s your partner”

Isabel Daz Ayuso always refers to Madrid PP as her home. In this he has spent 17 years of his extremism. He began visiting places with educational material purchased with his own pocket money to teach social networking courses to his peers. And from now on he would be the one who would take over the reins of the organisation, an aspiration he believed to deserve an aspiration for which he had to fight with the old national leadership and which ended with the dismantling of the dome led by Pablo Casado.

So the new leader of the party popular Madrid wanted to thank his successor at the Guanova Street headquarters, Alberto Nez Feijo, in which its priorities will include holding the regional congress in which his appointment was formalized this Friday. You confide in us so much that every time we’ve talked about that topic you’ve only asked: ‘How can I help you?’ Without guardianship, which you could afford without permission, the autonomous leader who bears independence as a flag has come to affirm.

Ayuso, which is voted by 99.1% of the 2,052 delegates, thus becomes the fifth of the Madrid PP after El.and Eduardo Courts, po garca-escudero twice, Asha Aguirre You Christina Cifuentes, Since the latter’s resignation in April 2018, the party has been in the hands of a sort of manager – although internally he has always opposed the imposition of the label – at whose head the Garça-Escudero is once again a primary temporary solution. which lasted for four years.

In his emotional speech, sometimes on the verge of tears, the regional leader has made it clear that the confrontation with Pedro Sánchez will remain his leitmotif and, although without mentioning his name, in the sense that there should be no parties. Clubs of friends because the stakes are high. It should be clear that governments are not inherited from the right and that the nuggets of Spanish society are not as pervasive as the gentlemen of the left think. That you have to be serious or else… for the sake of your home, he insisted.

Ayuso also wants to demonstrate from the first minute that she is going to imprint individuality on her mandate and that is why she has already determined the first duty for the team that will accompany her on the first floor of Gnova Street: work, Work and work, the sacred respect for the member, the greater he is, the greater the gallon and complete devotion to the citizens, who are the masters. In addition, he warned that speaking with a strong eco-resilient gender perspective would be banned under threats of punishment and red cards, as it would mean that he heard nothing, he added in frank criticism. Added Feminist Policies of Left Parties.


For his new political adventure, Ayuso has surrounded himself with a nearly 100% renewed regional leadership, which was also the head of his two election campaigns. alfonso serranoin the role of Secretary General and anna milnoexamined by panikaBe one of the strong women in your outfit chart. mayor of madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-AlmeidaBe a member of the Autonomous Executive Committee, a chair that should be in accordance with the statutes of the Party for their institutional position.

Nevertheless, the President of Madrid has warm words for the alderman, assuring that are part of the same team And that, despite the difficult times they have experienced, especially with the pandemic, that they have always worked in perfect coordination and that they will once again face the challenge of the 2023 elections together. Both leaders attempt to spy on the Baroness’s entourage in Madrid and through a company of the capital’s city council, precisely due to the presidency of the PP.

Although she competed only with herself, as she was the only candidate for the position, the dedication of Aiso’s rank-and-file peers was total at IFEMA’s Pavilion 6, where the conference was held. Four regional presidents have praised him as particularly flattering: Andalusian, juanma morenomarcian, Fernando Lopez MirasGalician alfonso rueda and Castilian Alfonso Fernandez Mauco.

On the other hand, Pablo Casado had the biggest neglect of the day. Neither was he invited to attend Congress because of his status as a member of the party for that constituency, nor was his image included in any of the videos presented on Ayuso’s political career. was who they were. Appointed a candidate in 2019.

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