Ayuso positions himself to be “a guide for nationalists” against discrimination of region and nationality.


Madrid’s president explains that it was “a small act” that “over the years” has been used “inappropriately” by separatists.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel D.
Isabel Daz Ayuso, President of the Community of MadridEuropa Press

It was Ciudadanos who yesterday started the debate on the possibility of amending Article 2 of the Constitution to eliminate the distinction between “nationalities and regions”. And today she has found an ally within the Popular Party that has pitted itself against that distinction in the Magna Carta: Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

Because the president of the Madrid community has indicated that it would be “a wink” and “a short session” for “nationalists” to get “their support” and to attract them to sign the draft legal text in search of consensus. Was. But, as he states, the term “over the years” has been used “incorrectly” to make “first class and second class citizens”. “It was a gesture to those who were never going to be satisfied,” said the Madrid president.

Ayuso has insisted that Spain is “not a 17 nation” because autonomous communities are the backbone of “our” country, but the position of the Spaniards is “above” the rest. “I’m never going to feed it,” she said during an interview on Onda Cerro when asked about the Ciudadanos proposal and statements made last week about regionalism by her colleague Alas Bandado, which He later corrected it.

The regional president has also indicated that “no one likes the constitution 100%” but should be followed as a law. And there, in the parts he disagrees with, he has introduced precisely Article 2 that distinguishes between regions and nationalities and the formal status of Navarra that would allow the “integration” of this community into the Basque Country, as that he has expressed.

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