Ayuso would have to replace the green areas around the WiZink Center that were decommissioned in the rebuilding of the building after the 2001 fire.


The community of Madrid was working on an “alternative” of a vertical garden on one of the façades to comply with the court’s decision.

Main access to the WiZink Center.
Main access to the WiZink Center.Alberto Di Lolli
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Only one vegetation can now be seen in the block of Wijink Center, which has grown over the concrete defying steps of the rear façade of the building without any gardeners removed. the picture is soon going to change radically because they have to make More than 3,800 square meters of green area in the vicinity by order of the court.

The government of the Community of Madrid ended them with the reconstruction of the Palacio de los Deportes – which remains its property, but which is managed by Banco. online which gives it its name- after the fire that destroyed it in 2001, And now Isabel Diaz is obliged to replace him after a lengthy process in the executive court of Ayuso.

The first step has been taken by the city council of the capital with the timely revision of the General Plan for Urban Planning (PGOU). change usage A secondary public street on Calle Lomba and the space between the main façade and the terrace above the green area. The rest of the vegetation surface that would surround the WiZink center would be located in other areas that have already been qualified.

In the Palacio de Cibeles he foresaw that the total 4,810 square meters of new gardens At the disposal of the residents and visitors of this enclave in the district of Salamanca, with which they believe exceeds what is set forth in the judicial resolutions. In fact, a 2008 decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, which was later ratified by the Supreme Court that gave rise to this action, determined that the green areas that disappeared with the reform of the Palacio de los Deportes accounted for 3,854 sq. meter captured. ,

As indicated by the Urban Development Zone of the City Council, the cost of the works will, in any case, be borne by the regional government, where they have not yet specified the budget or the period required for its execution. A spokesman for the regional culture ministry clarified that the punishment was clearly going to be enforced, but because of the lack of urban planning that would allow it so far, they chose it. Vertical garden option On one of the facades of the building, which was designed by an architect.

In June 2001, a fire from a spark jumping from a blowtorch used by workers who waterproofed the roof destroyed the 1960-built Palacio de los Deportes. The structure was seriously affected and from the very first moment they chose to tear it down and build a new and modern facility capable of becoming the headquarters of what is already handball, given the possibility that Madrid will host an Olympic Games

Work began with Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, the head of government of Puerta del Sol, his inauguration in 2005 with Esperanza Aguirre, and it was Ayuso who had to follow the sentence that reduced the increase in building capacity. Lack of green areas. multipurpose pavilion cost 124 million euros -60% more than the initial budget-, the total area is now 84,000 m, 14,000 more than the previous one: 48,157 m above and below ground are for installation and performance of sports and music activities, 5,353 m stands and 30,522 m Underground parking.

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In addition to the decision requiring the replacement of the garden areas that were suppressed during the reconstruction of the Palacio de los Deportes, the city council also last week submitted within its plan the improvement of the entrance hall to increase the green areas in the enclosure. As indicated in the Works and Equipment area, these will be located in Parters distributed throughout space,

As detailed in the department headed by Paloma García Romero, the reason why new green areas cannot be built on the surface is because the Wijink Center is located below the underground car park square. so there is only one option set up vaseWhich will serve as a green zone within the proposed integral reform of the area of ​​Felipe II by the Conservatory of the Capital.

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