Azkarraga keeps open the “sensible way” from Marlaska’s ‘right hand’ and calls for the release of ETA members


After revealing his relationship with Luis Negal Ortiz and ‘Kubati’, he replied, “I don’t work as a pimp.” Claims to apply ‘Atristrain principle’ to release all ETA members

All spokesmen Joseba Azkararaga during a presentation demanding the release of ETA prisoners.
All spokesmen Joseba Azkararaga during a presentation demanding the release of ETA prisoners.Paulino OribeArab Press

Joseba Azkarraga, The forum’s coordinator, which calls for the release of ETA prisoners, admits it maintains a “judicious relationship” with the secretary general of the penitentiary institutions.Luis Angel Ortiz. Azcarraga, the former Minister of Justice, did not wish to reveal the contents of this channel of direct communication with Ortiz, which was made public as a result of the Civil Guard report in which Azcarraga acted as a negotiator with the Grande-Marlasca Ministry. . communication with Anthony RuizzoKubti and with MPs from EH Bildu. “I do not act as a correveidile in any way and in any place”, replied Azcararaga, as did he. to create Most ETA calls for members to be released by applying the ‘Atristrain Principle’.

The Civil Guard report, made public last February, placed Joseba Azkarraga as Marlaska’s ‘number two’ negotiator. Luis ngel Ortiz and the former Basque councilor maintained a “prudent path”, which, as Azcarraga confirmed, is still open and has taken the form of the exchange of messages via mobile applications and at least in headquarters. held six face-to-face meetings Ministry of Domestic Affairs. “A thoughtful relationship has been maintained and maintained and that is what we will always do; I have nothing to hide, but I have nothing to talk about at this press conference,” Azcaraga told the media. Explained in an appearance up front. , The purpose of the contacts was in favor of ETA prisoners based on conversations conducted by the spokesperson. all Thief Kubati, Former terrorist who leads the ETA members group sponsored by Arnaldo Otegi and Arquitz Rodriguez.

Furthermore, Azcarraga denies that he acted as a “perfect”—as he is labeled in another question—between Ortiz and Kubti and has also denied that he was acting under orders from the former head of ETA, despite the contents of written messages revealed by the Civil Guard report. “Next Tuesday I have a new meeting with Angel Louis [Ortiz], Do you have anything specific that interests you to move?” Azkararaga wrote in the shared chat Kubati, ETA Lawyer and MP too Julen Arzuga, Commissioned by EH Buildu to pressure the directors of the centers to control ‘in situ’ the conditions of prisoners held in three Basque prisons and to obtain personal privileges. Arzuaga offers himself Kubti To share a report prepared by Azcarraga after meeting with Ortiz via a group shared on social networks. “In a wiser way, the better,” replied ‘Kubati’, a former ETA member who was implicated in 13 murders and 16 despondent attacks.

The forum today, led by Azkarraga, joins a demand raised earlier last week – the party that controls EH Buildu – to release imprisoned ETA prisoners with the application of the ‘Atristrain Doctrine’ to justice. Saare’s argument that Arquitz was used by Rodriguez when explaining that both sentences European Court of Human Rights Juan Carlos Iglesias Chauzasi on Etrustrain as its application by the National High Court Gaddafi They are an open door for the release of most of the 170 ETA members who are nearly serving sentences for serious terrorist attacks.

Azkarraga does not want to disclose the exact number of releases that lawyers for ETA prisoners are already preparing and demanded that both the National High Court and the Supreme Court go ahead with the release of ETA members because their “majority” is theirs. The arrests were kept secret and they were appointed court-appointed lawyers. SAARE’s spokesperson further explained that the legal instrument being prepared by ETA members will include access to appeals for review before the Supreme Court.

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