Bad Bunny: It’s always summer for the author of the year’s most listened to album


Puerto Rican artist expands musical registers, mixes hedonism and commitment and breaks records with ‘A Summer Without You’

Bad Bunny in a promotional picture.
Bad Bunny in a promotional picture.
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This year’s summer has been brought forward not only by unexpected heat waves, but also by an event that has proven not to lose steam since last May 6, the date on which, unsurprisingly, the Puerto Rican became the Bad published their fourth album, a summer without you, It’s been many years since we imagined the months Beaches, Pools and Festivals the sound of a few-or many-without-times in the open air Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio (1994) and put a soundtrack on it. But what is happening with his recently released album goes a long way.

If in 2020 and 2021 he chained the artist’s title more streamido In the world, everything points to re-validating said honor. On the day of his debut, he broke the previous Spotify record for an artist with the most listeners in a single day, and 23 of his songs topped that platform’s list in the most diverse regions. It also became the highest-paid album currents In its first published month: two billion copies accumulated a summer without you 7 June. Bad Bunny Has Captured Top most summer week before we officially enter the stationAnd this has only just begun.

The play is going well for him and he wins playing against it, which is the most important thing. Because at a time when there are many artists who like to bow to the will of the platforms streaming and get published single non-stopto feed their hunger, Bad Bunny is off the hook with an album of 81 minutes and 23 cuts, Oh no problem It is true that over the past six years he has transformed reggaeton thanks to his passion for fusion, his ability to go beyond conventions in his songs, and even more so. flirting with breaking gender stereotypes in your image.

We shouldn’t be surprised that all those qualities favor her current success, but it is so. Because on their most recent album, A Love Letter to Latin American Musical Estates —and yes, the beach, the sun, and the cocktails that help her lose inhibitions on summer vacations-, Bad Bunny makes it clear once again that reggaeton isn’t her only weapon to dominate the pop world. It pays to include a two with Raw Alejandro, but it is the collaboration of his fellow countryman Buscabulla, Colombian Bomba Estreo or the two based in Los Angeles—whose singer María Zardoya is also from Puerto Rico—that dazzled first. except the rest features You can’t imagine them being engineered in an office full of executives from a multinational company. and his way of introducing the elements of bossa nova, merengue, reggae, mambo or afrobeat They help the flow of the album and not the exhaust.

Once listened thoroughly, it’s easy to understand how they chose the first One Officer Moscow MuleBy far, not the best or most immediate of the album. The chamber has enough material to feed playlist And tops in a really organic way. bearing this in mind Practically all the songs included have already taken on a life of their own without the need for additional promotional strategies.Everything indicates that it will continue to heat up across platforms from now until the end of the year, thanks to the dazzling inspiration displayed by Bad Bunny in this fourth album.

On top of this, it has also received excellent reviews in countries such as the United Kingdom, which is one of the few to oppose it—certainly the snobbery that Brexit has resulted in-. with motomamiby Rosala, It is one of the most valuable albums in Spanish so far this year. On the Metacritic portal, which compiles reviews from the most influential global media. that both managed to set the platforms on fire with their respective antics last night’s night – involved in the pandemic last tour of the world (2020)- That says a lot about how his career is far from peak.

Right now, Bad Bunny dominates the global market with an album that defends diversity and multiculturalism in a surprisingly festive way. And on a lyrical level, it celebrates not only the benefits that summer brings; Manages to de-stress messages from the vindictive and empowering component which begins to stabilize in its trajectory. So that andreaWhich serves as a festive anthem for Puerto Rican women, is also seen as a vengeance for Andrea Ruiz, victim of sexual violence, This is nothing new for the author of she twerks aloneWhich was presented in the American program in 2020 The Tonight Show Wearing a T-shirt that read “Alexa was killed, not a man in a skirt.” Wearing a skirt, she took advantage of a promotional opportunity to pay tribute to new lisa Alexa Luciano Ruizo, a trans woman who was recently murdered in her country. and in the blackoutOne of the boldest cuts at the album’s production stage recounts the damage caused by a tropical cyclone. hit In Puerto Rico in 2017, a result of which is suffering power cuts.

There’s a lot to digest in what’s already on, except for the last-minute surprises, the album of the summer. And the best part is Bad Bunny’s ability to provide an album with different reading lines that not only serve as a shot at its surface layer. As if it were a thin solar shield,

It preserves musical and lyrical discoveries that show the Puerto Rican superstar is in great shape.

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