Badajoz Provincial Council hires buses for its officials to attend a congress with Carmen Calvos


The organization urges its officers to attend a Congress in which socialist MPs intervene.

Carmen Calvo during an act of PSOE in Madrid.
Carmen Calvo during an act of PSOE in Madrid.EFE
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All we need is that they give us sandwiches. such officers Badajoz Provincial Council a la invitation that he attended La Institucin via a huge envo of electronic mail to motivate him to attend l I National Congress on Gender Violence and Communication on Equalitywhich will be held during the working day (June 1 and June 2) villanueva de la sereneA town more than 120 kilometers away from the headquarters of the said organization in Badajoz.

To do this, the Diputación tells them that it will give them a place on the bus, which will be chartered by the body, as stated in the text of the letter, which highlights that the former vice-president of the government and the current deputy. Will participate in the said program as the first speaker. PSOE national, Carmen Calvo, the only name mentioned in the invitation. It so happens that the office of president of the Deputación de Badajoz and mayor of Villanueva de la Serena falls to the same person, Miguel Angel Gallardo (PSOE).

The mail was sent on May 16 by the Coordinator of Municipal Cooperation to most of the public servants and it points to the fact that the invitation from the presidency has been proposed: As I’m sure you know, Villanueva de la Serena On June 1 and 2 the Congress on Communication on Gender Violence and Equality was hosted by the Deputación de Badajoz and opened by Carmen Calvo, former Vice President of Government and former Minister of the Presidency. The event will take place at the Palacio de Congresos in Villanova, and the Badajoz Provincial Council will rent a bus so that a group of provincial employees can attend the congress. It is for these purposes that we need to provide each sector with a list of two or three employees who are personally interested in participating. Congress will be telecast for the rest who are interested streaming (sic).

Congress poster with the image of Carmen Calvo.
Congress poster with the image of Carmen Calvo.EM

But invitation by e-mail hasn’t been the only one. Last Wednesday, as this newspaper found out, several officials from different regions of the Badajoz Provincial Council visited the work units of the public servants to personally voice those who are interested in joining the Congress and thus Prepare travel list.

Then they always give us trouble to be able to leave work, for example, take the child to the doctor and they take part of the pay for the hours we’ve been absent if you don’t provide all kinds of support There are documents and signatures, which seem fine to us, although some are asked for and others are not… but to go to work and spend two days clapping Mrs. Calvo, on the contrary, is no problem, on the contrary, It is encouraged, one of them is the most experienced officer of this institution.

Thus, he assures that the Diputación de Badajoz has not provided a bus for workers to participate in a similar program: this is the first time it has been done, probably because he noticed that some people were about to leave and They filled the auditorium, and they have decided to drag the authorities for it, he explains.

When asked by this newspaper, Badajoz Provincial Council has indicated that not all public employees have received this email. Furthermore, he states that the Congress is organized by the Deputación and as a sponsoring entity it is interested in its workers being able to choose the training aspect of this Congress.

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