Balayage Highlights and Others You Won’t Take Off This Summer

we give a thousand one laps which is cutting hair Which makes us feel more youthful, or what trend limits we go on. We are also concerned about the health of our hair, which is healthy, shiny and hydrated.

Sometimes, after thinking so much about our hair styling, we forget another important factor in the relentless pursuit of hair. perfect hair, And this is none other than hair color, all kinds of lights, Basics for completing and raising factions and make the most of it Any cut is possible.

“A trained professional can offer you a variety of techniques to enhance your image even more. For example, to cover gray hair, but also to do with how you look and a natural way” the barber says mara jose creeper from the hairdresser Lata Karera (Santa Cruz de Bezana, Cantabria). and come in a variety of games locks, From Babylights to the Classics Balayage, having a contouring effect. You want to know What clothes will they be wearing this summer?

Balayage Highlights for Summer

A natural balayage done at the Menta Beauty Place hairdresser.Doctor

Balayage Highlights, Queens of Summer

according to the data of Low Oral Professional, Balayage is a coloring technique preferred by Spanish women.

The relevance of this technology, which originated in the 70s in France, is undeniable. According to data from ‘social listening’ platform Netbase, the word ‘balage’ has been found Top 5 ‘Trending Topics’ Number one in all beauty terms and in the hair category. In Spain alone, it generates an average of 3,000 monthly conversations.

and why Is Balayage Perfect for Summer? Because it’s a lightning technique that starts a few centimeters from the root, so that a color drop Not only at the ends but throughout the hair in a more natural way, we can also play with the natural tone of the hair and the contrasts between the highlights, without looking traces.

the effect is as if we were given sun rays, Lightening the hair and doing them in the summer guarantees that they will become more light and become A MS natural.

Balayage work can be done on any grounds and hair type, and technique, as explained Immaculate Garcia, center training director Manta Beauty Place (Madrid), involves using brush discoloration to spread color from root to tip and free hand

The result will depend on the skill of the colorist as this is a very individual technique, and it requires a great deal of domain and know-how to apply the wick and blend to achieve the same. More power at the ends.

melting lights for summer

Melting highlights, according to the hairdressers at Manta Beauty Place.Doctor

Melting lights, which illuminate the hair the most

Paul Tudor, responsible for the salon David Nazal FuncarraL (Madrid), offer l melting (melted) To lighten the hair even more, but with a very natural unifying effect.

Wix melting blonde They are a go-to for those who are looking for a very natural blonde. technology involves passing through a darker shade to a lighter complexion All over the hair, blending subtly and achieving a gradient that goes unnoticed.

“It’s a coloring job that’s hard to detect because of its natural look, very suitable for all types of natural base And for women who don’t want a lot of radical change. better to do with brush Since not very powerful tones are sought, but there is a more global light. the result is a reflection with a mane He is naturally ‘lost’,” explains Paul Tudor.

Shatush highlights, new balayage

If there is an option of highlights balayage and babylights what are wicks Shatush “What is achieved with this coloring technique is a natural effect, which highlights that the roots remain deep while The rest of the hair gradually becomes lighter, getting reflexes that are not forced at all”.

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