Banco Santander must return 18,500 euros to a customer who was scammed through a ‘phishing’ method


Although it was a scammer from Lithuania who stole the money, the entity will still face its reinstatement.

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Santander Bank recently sentenced Withdrawal 18,500 Euro a. stolen from one of my customers by scammers from lithuania through the methodPhishing, In addition, the punishment obliges the bank to bear the cost of the legal process initiated by the law firm Cello Legal.

I go to Serrano companions of legal stampindicates that the statement is important because For the first time the responsibility of the banking unit has been takenAccording to Europa Press, slandering the bank rather than the foreign thug.

,Phishing‘ is a very widespread fraud method, which attempts to withdraw money from a bank account, credit card or any banking product through fraud. In this case, the client of the legal seal You received a communication via text message from someone posing as your bank.

Said SMS alerted them to a serious security issue, which they had to solve by accessing a link. when he clicked he found Web page similar to Banco Santander, Where the fraudster entered his bank password and verified that his account was in order.

The next day the bank client received two entries in his activities. In total they stole 18,500 euros from Lithuania. Fisher took advantage of fraudulent information theft of large sums of money Through two banking functions.

a claim on the basis of payment service law To recover his money, the customer of the bank approached the unit receiving lengthy response. For this reason a case was filed, which has now been resolved. His team of lawyers specializing in phishing and Internet fraud designed a lawsuit based on the Payment Services Act.

This law establishes that if the theft of money occurs through a payment order that has not been duly authorized The bank is responsible for the refund of the money, However, if the bank is able to prove that there is gross negligence on the part of its customer, it will not be bound to replace the capital. Obviously that didn’t happen. The communication of the sentence was clear. The responsibility of the banking entity has been recognized and it opens a clear legal way to limit digital frauds.

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