BARCELONA – REAL MADRID: The free kick that set Real Madrid on fire: “The referee made them play, unbelievable” | CBA 2021


The whites complained about a foul on Tavares with 30 seconds to go. Those two free throws gave Barcelona the victory. “Refers are the bosses of the court”, clarifies Chus Mateo

Adam Hunga (L) and Gabby Deck (R) protest
Adam Hunga (L) and Gabby Deck (R) protest against the referee.EFE
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When Rudy Fernandez He didn’t even make the final run and he has the honor of helping Barra win on one side of the track. Gershon Yabusele Enter the trance. on the rocks Emilio Perez Pizarro, which he almost fell from his screams. In the dressing room tunnel, the anger of Real Madrid players continued, deeply upset by the referee’s decisions during the Battle of Palau.

There were many such acts that caused blisters. deck stunned at being called a technical foul, like chatty Man when he told her flopping (imitation) after receiving the elbow from Brandon Davis in the face. But none that was going to be decisive.

With a tie at 69, Corey Higgins Launched a penetration through the middle of the field. Less than 30 seconds left. Eddie Tavares, from behind, with its spaciousness, tried to plug the tray, which did not fit. Chief referee Perez Pizarro signaled a foul to push. But the giant never leans on Azulgrana, whom he touches almost imperceptibly after leaving the tray. Those two free throws gave Bara the win.

in your social networks, Nigel Williams-GossWounded, soon burst out: “The referee made them play again… Incredible. I don’t understand it at all! Let the teams decide victory and defeat,” he wrote.

chus mate I got angry later. “We are not used to talking about referees. We devote ourselves to playing basketball. Some things happen on the court. Referees are definitely part of the game. They are the bosses of the court and they assess What is missing or not. After the match is over, there is nothing more to talk about, we just focus on the third match. Paul Lasso,

jsikevicius tampko He wanted to get into an arbitration dispute, but he talked about the level of aggression that is leading into the final that is crucial for the future of both teams. “You have to fight to the death in Madrid. It’s like that. With blood if necessary. I know it’s using huge words, but it’s like that. People are tired and physically affected. They and we. Survive who has more courage, in some moments some cold blood…”, the Lithuanian explained.

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