Barcelona’s that conquers Asia with its cosmetics, made of white caviar, gold and foam from the Mediterranean

he says he grew up in the middle Organically grown herbs and extraordinary flora Who ‘populated’ the herds that his mother owns in Barcelona. There he discovered his passion for unique and matchless raw materials. “As a child, I experimented with different materials, Infusions, teas, and topical solutions to improve skin, hair and scalp, My blends include some of the best ingredients from around the world such as pure camellia, rose oil, roses from southern Spain, orange blossoms from Valencia, water from the Mediterranean, and even diamond dust,” says The Line of Natural says Miriam Quevedo, founder of the anti-aging cosmetics that bears her name.

With the idea of ​​taking over from his mother, Quevedo combined his secondary schooling with aesthetics and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Barcelona, ​​a degree he later acquired with a Master’s in Small and Medium Enterprises at ESADE. completed with. : “from years, I carefully researched each ingredient and its properties Until I became an expert in this field. My creations soon became in strong demand among herbalists’ clients. However, my professional destiny was ultimately not going to be tied to the family business and with the help of my love for school and now my husband -Owner of a cosmetics research and development laboratory with over 35 years of experience-, I fulfilled my dream of creating my own cosmetic brand, Miriam Quevedo”.

And they did it magically through “combining my knowledge of pure active ingredients with state-of-the-art scientific innovations from the lab.” In a purely ‘artisan’ process, I inquired and discovered the “benefits” of The World’s Most Precious Compounds, Organic Botanical Blends & Latest Generation Peptides that, combined with the most innovative biotechnology, manages to reduce the signs of aging”.

Its skin and hair products contain high concentrations of specialty ingredients such as: White caviar oil, micronized 24K gold, diamond dust, encapsulated Swiss glacial water, froth from the Mediterranean Sea, and even precious stones., They all represent, in the words of their creator, “a relentless pursuit”. Provide a luxury experience In which there is a perfect synergy between nature and science to achieve proven and unprecedented results.

With an innovative and pioneering spirit in locating the market specific needs, new textures, ingredients and essential values, Miriam Quevedo is one of the few ‘Skincare’ brands with “Haircare” in-house R&D laboratory. Therefore, our potential for innovation is endless.

An expert in the principles of aging, dermatology and trichology, Quevedo assures that, in his laboratory, everything is possible. “I introduced new concepts like understanding Importance of exfoliating the scalp, Use precious ingredients with cosmetic properties In ‘Haircare’ (who goes and puts gold, caviar, diamond in their shampoos?) and all my ‘Green’ formulations (80% are natural, 20% are biotechnology) with a thought of ‘pampering’ with love and respect have been created. For health and for the environment.

Their cosmetics, in addition to resonance, are sensory. It smells and feels like you wash your hair by changing something like everyday health rituals, “Beauty is something holistic; it starts from within, how we feel and what we feel. In the herbalist’s shop, I invited my clients to take care of their diet, but also their state of mind. We have to pamper our senses; the more we love the smell, the more we relax. Massage systematically activates our endorphins, enhancing well-being. In each collection with perfumer in Grass Developed has its own distinctive aroma. And the texture is the latest generation, with light molecular weight, easy absorption and hydration. Optimum”.

In addition to them45 treasures to answer and create custom treatmentsThis tireless Catalan practitioner is succeeding with her hair spa: “I am passionate about health and beauty, but wrapped up in experiences and excellence, in that unexpected wonder but very effective and rigorous rituals. From my mom’s herbalist, where I created the entire segment of all beauty care, I’ve come across experiences as well as hair treatments offered. They were very focused on treating major hair and scalp concerns and hair loss. Since then, I was already working under the innovative hair skinification concept: treat skin like scalpWith the same materials and the same maneuvers because… it’s skin!”

Quevedo admitted that he had always wondered why there were spas with highly developed facial treatments, but that pampering hair in this way was unlikely, by the way, even age. And, finally, his idea came to life. “At the time, I worked very closely with the team Barcelona’s Mandarin Oriental To propose innovative and outstanding experiences. He showed me a personal bathroom in the SPA area. And, at that exact moment, I felt it with complete clarity and ease: “Here I see a hairspa“. Yes as Nassi”.

On the 20th anniversary of the launch of her brand, Miriam Quevedo has managed to succeed not only in Spain, but also to fly in Americaare very strong in Asia: “We have been the ‘best seller’ and have broken the ‘stock’ of many references, especially in China and Korea, We are a favorite brand of many celebrities from those countries, which is a tremendous source of pride because there is a great offer out there and this is a market that takes a lot of care, especially in antiaging, and knows a lot about the ingredients. is”.

what are yours Tips for healthy and beautiful skin in a natural way? “I would recommend starting by replacing the products of the usual cleansing ritual now that good weather is approaching (I love ones that have glycolactones), serum-booster—and seal with a good cream.

And for the hair and scalp? “With the change of season, it is also recommended to change products, including” Most revitalizing ingredients with essential vitamins and very powerful active ingredients to promote development, but also fiber superprotectors, Since we are going to subject it to more hours of sun. And, of course, start the week with a good exfoliation on the scalp, which will leave our hair feeling silky and light”, she concluded.

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