Barra dragged the league to a historic loss of 892 million. LaLiga Santander 2021


The Spanish organization today presented its economic report for the 2020-21 academic year, weighing in on the pandemic and the number of convicts, who believe 892 million of those: 54%.

Laporta, in a file image.
Laporta, in a file image.World

league there is a financial problem called FC Barcelona, It is difficult but clear. Even more so when knowing the number 2020-2021 season the organization he heads Xavier Thebes, epidemic of COVID-19 And the financial condition of the Catalan team as a whole undermines the health of the Spanish competition, which is strong and solid apart from the club that presides over it. Joan Laporta,

The domestic tournament has published today economic-financial report Curriculum 20-21 and some is presented 892 million euro lossof which 481The 54%, wholly and exclusively of Bara. This is the first season since 2012 in which La Liga has admitted a loss after some positive years: 52 million 19-20 profit, 225 18-19 or . Feather 188 On 17-28. A worrying figure that forces Barca to retain the board Rule 1-4, that is, enter four million to be able to spend one. classification for Prixima Champions A little oxygenate this season’s accounts and settle with CVC Background As an emergency solution. At Camp Nou they do not find it obvious to sign off on said investment and prefer to eliminate other avenues, including the sale of the project. studio only or the transfer of one of the most important players on the team, such as Frankie de Jong.

In La Liga, however, they eliminate that signing requirement and hope that Laporta and his board will join the rest of the team. Then, real madrid It will be the only club to be left out in the Santander League. of investment in over 24,000 million from 50 CVC plan. “We can’t ignore critical situation That a reference club operates on an economic-financial level. Notable relevance and economic scale of that unit bad outcome Throughout LaLiga. However, we have no doubt that this institution will return to the path of balance and solvency in the years to come”, declared Xavier Thebes,

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Solution Bara’s financial problem (and the league) are not yet clear, but the reasons are. closing stadiumsloss of money appetizer and the rest of the difficulties added by covid They have considered “between 75 and 90%” of the negative effects of the number of seasons, according to the league. A reality that together with drop in . is with transfer market has reduced total revenue teams to 3,818 million Euros, 19-20 for 5,029 and 18-19 for 4,874. “Without Covid, those incomes would have risen to 5,166,” he estimates from LaLiga. “Under these environmental conditions, the wonder we still stand“, Tebas admits. “But the truth is that we stand still and we are even stronger.”

Our country clubs have registered 300 million net investment, the lowest record in the last six seasons. A fact directly related to the less risk that organizations take in their movements, something that LaLiga calls ‘automatic trade stabilizer, The decision is taken not to sell players and not to sign and no further increase in debt, Therefore, despite the disadvantages of the competition, net debt has only grown 236 million, from 1,710 on 19-20 to 1,946 on 20-21. In fact, in the 2020-21 academic year, players’ net investment in Spanish football was only €5 million, Soccer players have been bought for 547 million and sold for 542 million. Compared to previous years, net investment in 19-20 was 405 (1,533 signatures and 1,128 sales).

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The club’s attitude towards the market is directly related to the financial controls exercised by the league and gives some hope for the future. For the 21-22 campaign, the Spanish organization already anticipates some Total Income 4,021 (+5% compared to this year) and some losses which will largely depend on the solution Bara seeks for his situation. from the unit of Tebas, where still They can’t provide data on what clubs will be able to spend In this summer’s market, they talk”health benefitFor “Courses 21-22 and”standardization“Going for 23-24”cleve“For LaLiga, there is a direct boost from that money CVC BackgroundBuilding of; construction of LaLiga Tech (a company that will channel the digital ecosystem of the competition), the sponsorship deals more sales in the US television rights, something that never stops growing. Laliga got it in 13-14 840 million selling their matchesWhile the annual average between 2019 and 2021 was 1,853 and from the next season it is estimated that 2 billion,

In general, it’s just a pain like the rest major leagues in europe, Premier has lost 1,438 million last year, for Series A. to 1,795 either 900 from Ligue 1 Of which 250 million are from PSG only. This is not Barra’s situation, but the Paris team perfectly conditions the French championship. According to UEFA, the amount of accumulated decline in billing in the two seasons affected by the Covid in European professional football is 7 billion, An economic drama from which Spanish football is slowly unfolding.

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