Beatrice of York, Windsor’s Most Independent (and Stylish) Star

Beatrice of York was born fifth in line to the British throne and is now tenth. Five younger intruders, the sons of William and Harry, stood between him and the throne. Fortunately for her sanity, Bea Up to a point, the excess ceased to be leftovers.

Did you ever think that tenth in line to the throne would need a LinkedIn profile? Well, B. Yorke has. ‘Better to stop’. A history graduate, he worked briefly at the Foreign Office and Sony Pictures before joining American multinational Affinity. They hang themselves by force, because neither she nor her sister Eugenia are “real workers”, have no official agenda, do not receive money from the taxpayer, nor do they have security financed with public money. .

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Before Bee was born, his father was notorious for his crappy trips to the Caribbean with softcore porn actress Koo Stark. They called him Andy the Randy (horned) And he was one of those who would choose heaven for the season and hell for the company. He then meets Sarah Ferguson, Wales’ childhood friend Diana, a brilliant redhead best suited for the role of second-rate daughter-in-law, funky and exceedingly remarkable IQ.

When Andrew and Sarah Ferguson – Fergie to the People and the Tabloids – were married, the Queen gave them the mansion in Sunninghill Park in Berkshire, near Ascot and Windsor Castle. Six years later, their marriage ended in scandal over some photos in the ‘Daily Mirror’ which showed, among other adult scenes, a Texan millionaire John Bryan kisses and sucks on Fergie’s toes. The red-haired Duchess of York was in trouble.

With parents to step into the puddle -The Black Sheep of Windsor-, Little Bee learned to walk a tightrope to gain the approval of both the public and her grandmother, the Queen, while her parents were on the verge of an abyss.

Following their divorce in 1996, the Duchess of York received half a million pounds from the Queen for a new home, 350,000 cash and 1.4 million for a trust To the princesses Beatriz and Eugenia.

chivalry and self-control

Much to Beatriz’s embarrassment, her parents turned her life into a soap opera and, like a soap opera, the audience looked forward to the next chapter with a new dose of scandal. beans a lot of stress At home.

Clearly York’s proudest mutual achievement is his daughters. When, in her teens, Princess Beatrice began to appear in high society, the press praised her chivalry and self-control. He neither drank alcohol nor smoked and displayed great decorum. Despite being dyslexic, she was elected head girl at St. George’s School.

His friends were a handful of aristocrats and financiers, including some celebrities. B mingled with heads of state, pop stars and glamorous budding artists alike. It was she who introduced Prince Harry to his last girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

Princess at a recent Garden Party

The Princess at a recent Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.getty

At 19, I attended the same parties as the infamous Primrose Hill set, which included Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Jade Jagger or Meg Matthews. That is, the informal royals, a decidedly rockier group than the blue-blooded social circle of the princess.

If her mother enjoyed when the velvet doors of the most fashionable places were opened for her—something that gave her her fame—, her daughter soon followed her example.

on a diet at the age of eight

Leaving their weddings of pomp and circumstance, the ‘survivors’ Windsor insists on making us believe that they lead an ascetic life, as if they feared the scandal of the British for watching the royal family do the things they wanted. they wanted to do. an unfounded fear, because You have to be very Bolshevik to be jealous of the royals: A normal person can only be jealous of another normal and only royals can be jealous of other royals. Although it is also true that the rock is not used to seeing its princes act like celebrities. And Windsor is a co-fan of celebrities. God save them.

Beatriz is the one who saves freedom, their knowing how to be, She is involved in many charity causes and -last but not least- her stylish personality.

Her mother – in a sentence on her York title – was dubbed “ham duchess” by some tabloids. (Contempt, of course, but let’s ration contempt how many people deserve it.) Beatriz was only eight years old when her mother first put her on a diet. Her parents were already divorced and denied financial support from the fictitious royal house and accepted a contract to promote the weight loss brand Weightwatchers. His investigation was directed at his own daughter. were like The pressures of childhood used to be in the limelight. Princess Beatrix’s every move – and every pound – was the subject of public debate.

a style that raises eyebrows

At age 21, Beatriz agreed to a trust set up by her grandmother after separating from York. Two and a half million pounds which gave him more wings than a Redbull: Young, wealthy, royal and elegant.

The Windsors are no strangers to best-dressed lists. In the 1950s and 1960s, Princess Margaret dominated the fashion scene, competing with her contemporaries in Hollywood. In the ’70s, it was Princess Anne’s turn: floral miniskirts and knee-high boots. Of course, the 1990s belonged to Diana of Wales. he took over The Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex have both become Haute de Gamay prescribers.

Beatrice has been wrestling with him to such excellent results that his style raises eyebrows. At 33 years old, in recent weeks he has made a series of dazzling looks representation of the queen.

On 12 May, he attended the presentation of A Gallup Through History in Windsor, a show about Her Majesty’s lifelong love for horses. On that occasion, she chose a floor-length floral dress vampire’s wife, A brand that every It girl has in her arsenal. Actually, it was worn by three guests at the wedding of Harry and Meghan in 2018.

Then came her appearance at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, for which she chose a timely blue and white rose print dress from the American brand. Improvement, Known for her cool girl beauty and favorite of model Kaia Gerber, Kendall Jenner and Beatriz’s friend Karlie Kloss.

Beatriz at the Inauguration

Beatriz at the opening of the Alice + Olivia brand store in London.getty

Last week, at the Queen’s Summer Garden parties in Buckingham, Bee wore a plaid dress with a matching headband. New store to open in Bruton Street Alice + Olivia, The princess chose a short jacket in white tweed with Chanel-like chain trim and a matching mini dress, two precious pieces from the host brand that are totally wearable without being royal. I paired this look with blue pop heels by Kurt Geiger and a black clutch bag by Fiona Couture.

free like your mother

This round of appearances coincides with the renewal Councilor of State to the Queen, A group of four royals whom Elizabeth II can change whenever she wants. The list currently includes the Duke of York and the Duke of Sussex, both on official duty. It has been speculated that the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Beatrice will replace him.

is married to beatrice Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, An Italian property developer and aristocrat. Due to the pandemic, the wedding was held privately at Windsor Chapel Royal on July 17, 2020. Her wedding dress, a conveniently reimagined Norman Hartnell, was lent to her by the Queen, as was the Queen Mary fringe tiara worn by her. Elizabeth II at her wedding. Their daughter Sienna Elizabeth was born last September.

The last time I opened Beatriz’s website, there were endless references to charity. A very sportive charity, Because the princess became the first member of the royal family to complete the London Marathon to raise funds for various charities. The first to climb Mont Blanc and Etna for other humanitarian reasons. The first person to participate in a half marathon for children in Luang Prabang, Laos.’ It was a bad time for the daughter of a scoundrel.

a way to live on its own

Bes, miser of his own fate He admires the way his mother has taken control of his life. And he has defeated his critics. He and his sister Eugenia both know that there is no point in having SAR anymore and they want to make their place in the world. Run away from the father’s example, which ended in universal ridicule and excommunication from court for his bad head and worse company. Play like the mum who, despite leaving the royal family 30 years ago, made headlines and built a successful career as a writer, presenter, and lucrative businesswoman.

For the ‘survivors’ Windsors, social success, as well, is their way break up and exile. Chamfort used to say that God has a thousand ways to make up for things.

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