Beck seduces the Primavera Sound crowd


After an avalanche of criticism for the queues and funnels on the first night, the festival apologizes and Ada Kolau cancels her trip.

American Beck during his performance at Primavera Sound.
American Beck during his performance at Primavera Sound.Marta Perez / EFE
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The second day of Primavera Sound began with This Friday foreign ministry criminal, After an avalanche of complaints due to queues at bars and realizing that the Forum was at the limit of its capacity, the festival promised to resolve the queues and enable more drinking water points. “We are aware of the problems with bar services yesterday and we apologize,” the organization said in a statement.

There were tough moments with funnels at the entrances of concerts on Thursday nights. Queues of food and drink bars were acting as a stopper between the stage and the stage. And the entrances are not as open as before because, alas, the festival has to make room for VIP areas and their respective entrances and exits. There are five so-called regions in this version. premium, Soho House also has a pool. Added to all this is the fact that, after the cancellation of the strokesOf course, all attendees who had a day ticket for yesterday (not those who bought season tickets) can switch it up for next Saturday, when the New Yorkers’ performance is more or less convincing. how many people will decide to attend Proverb next weekend? thousands?

everything drifted a little more On the second night of the festival, the one who solved his problems Wi-Fi and distributed the water. The queues were less congested and security guards were stationed at the entrance to redirect the public at the times of the biggest crowds, making the occasional detour at the start of Beck’s macro-concert. there is colauThe one whose visit had been planned canceled his appearance, perhaps offended by the kiss with Ayuso.

In terms of music, the day was led by Signal, the cherub that ate the world with the anthem of the generation which is Overthrown He arrived in Barcelona after his recent and highly publicized divorce and leaving Scientology. he came on stage in a white suit Saturday night Fever and marked mix The sensationalist that testified to the endless list of accumulating successes: it debuted Sexx Law (generalized madness) and from there he didn’t lower the bar, chained The New Pollution, Mixed Business, Que Oanda Guerro You Girl No breath. for when it rang Overthrown (Macrokaraoke), the delirium was already absolute.

The afternoon began with two encounters with national pop, Honey and Amaya, who have carved their own way into the festival, performing from the most peripheral stages to the larger ones. Both creators, each in their own way, with their own style and language that break happily with the most classic of Romanticism. Paola, Maria and Alicia start with the right chances fuck year, There is a lot of charisma in all three and they showed this by shouting «No Soya Tu Puto Tamagotchi» (the hit that Javiera Mena made for him) and the dance bomb that is Bisexual. Amaya, who launched a few weeks ago i don’t wanna sing a song for you With his already famous verse « Do you want to be my friend? eat my figs», re-released her latest album with a mix of lightness and focused emotion that makes her such a natural artist. She started out as a diva, with Welcome to the program.

what to say about Robert Charles LangEcuadorian North American black ice cream, On his first trip to Spain, he showed off his late pop full of perfect lyrics, some with lullabies. His subtle twitching of the hips accompanied by a warm and whispering voice is one of those things that makes you forget for a moment how bad the world is. started a lot jobsimsco Thief cloud country, quite an anthem at this point, and slowly it was filling everything with a light and suspended atmosphere, one of those that makes time stop. It ended with the ultimate bliss that is run, I look forward to seeing you more.

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