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The craft beer boom over the past decade has found a perfect community to locate a high quality product in the revitalization of traditional fish markets. Markets allow small businesses to open gastronomic spaces with several advantages compared to street stores: rent is cheaper, they have the help of market management and they allow their drinks to be paired with dozens of different products.

1 Prost | Valhermoso Market | @prost_chamberi

Rodrigo Pascual is the founder of this half Argentine, half Spanish inn. He reached here when there were hardly 30 per cent seats. Along with the rest of the complex, he revived the market, something very ours, and turned it into a context. Its taps bring classic styles from around the world, with a particular focus on European beers.

2 Virgin | Valhermoso and Chamber | @cervezalavirgen

These men from Madrid opened their first bar in an old fishmonger. According to one of its founders, César Pascual, the idea was to be in the center of Madrid.

Chambers are also present in the market, they have a wide and diverse public: there are very old people who go to the stall to buy or a group of university students who go to try the latest dish at their favorite restaurant.

3 Drakkar | Valhermoso | @cerveceria_drakkar

An old skirt was used to find this Viking temple seven years ago. The Nordic setting has housed dozens of beer stickers from around the world. They started by serving wine, mead and beer. Gradually they were expanding their beer offerings to nine taps. They have a diverse assortment where there is never a shortage of powerful beers.

Prost, in Vallehermoso Market.
Prost, in Vallehermoso Market.Antonio Heredia

4 Craft 19 | Valhermoso | @craft19madrid

In 2017, Craig, a US-based computer scientist based in Madrid, opened this stall in the Vallehermoso market and converted it into a pastrami temple. Since he couldn’t find one that reminded him of the food he ate in his country, he decided to make it himself. The whole process takes a month, explains Craig. To accompany this, they only serve craft beer, the ideal pairing for their giant sandwiches, their sandwiches with bacon, made by them, and their hamburgers too.

5 Beer Bang | Gindlera Market | @beerbangmadrid

The small and charming Ginderella market has a stall on one of its corners that brings together two beer brands: Eterna and Albufeira. What started as a store in 2016 is now a bar that harmonizes with the rest of the stalls. One of the partners, Nora, explains that sharing the roof allows craft beer to be combined with a premium product. Being in the market has always been synonymous with quality, he added. In addition, they have the flexibility to extend the schedule by sharing the expenses among the participating positions.

Nora, one of Beer Bang's partners.
Nora is one of the partners of Beer Bang.Antonio Heredia

6 world | Chamartine Market | @World

Erica and Alex are the owners of this stall in Chamartan Gourmet Bazaar. Beyond the fact that they were big fans, neither of them had any prior association with the beer industry.

His passion for beer inspired him to open a project in a market he associates with his job. The area was inviting: there was nothing like it. The beers found on its shelves have references from around the world, with a particular focus on the 75 cl bottles. Sour beer, ideal for sharing.

7 Hop Hop Hurray | Barcelona Mercado | @hopphohurrah

After spending time in the United Kingdom, Miguel Gil and Paula Blanco decided to open this space where beer and design go hand in hand.

According to Miguel, a lover of traditional markets and conscious of local products, the Barcel market offered him an opportunity to start a new project.

Typical in independent breweries, market visitors can find both single bottles and special packs that refer to pop iconography: The Breakfast Club, A Hard Day’s Night or Scary Monster are some of these packs.

8 The Good Look | St. Ferdinand | @labuenapintalavapies

On weekends, this market is full of people. In part thanks to this stall, one of the first to open, reviving one of the classic Madrid markets. Half store, half bar, it has more than 15 taps, two of them gluten-free, beers of all kinds and hundreds of bottles that are constantly rotated.

9 beer for the planet | Tirso de Molina | @forbeerplanet

Tirso de Molina market is one of the gastronomic attractions of Puerta del Nagel. One of its stalls is run by Jose Luis Corral, journalist and beer sommelier. Traditional trade stalls are mixed with such venues, named after the movie Forbidden Planet and where you can drink dozens of styles of beer.

10 Shanti Town | Numania | @shantytownmadrid

Numania Market in Valleques, the place where ska music is its inspiration, nine beer taps and dozens of bottles, is headquartered in this place. Their guilds are very famous for pairing.

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