Beginning of Endless Singer Joan Manuel Seurat’s Goodbye


Seurat began his farewell tour in Murcia before 6,000 loyalists reviewed some of the main songs in his repertoire. The first concert is an emotional ceremony for many generations

Seurat, this Tuesday night.
Seurat, this Tuesday night.marshal guilanoEFE
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Maybe because time no longer waits, Joan Manuel Serrata announced that he was leaving the stage and, to believe, he took a farewell route which is the musical atlas of his existence: from America You Latinoamerica -one is closest to the person belonging to God- and then Spain, where it reaches itself the status of a lay church with a parish of several generations. Seurat departs with this tour: singing fault (1965-2022). 44 dates. The singer is really healthy. In marcia There are two concerts for the beginning of Goodbye. And K is in the bullring condominium A festive bustle like a large neighborhood courtyard.

In Seurat’s concerts, the lyrics go through the mucosa of memory and appear like a bulwark against forgetfulness, like nostalgia, and are sought to be available if there is pressure on emotion. There are times when the world seems good, as in the post of George Guilan. It is 10:13 pm. The band unveils the first chords like the summer before summer and Joan Manuel Seurat bursts into applause, opening a theatrical curtain. There are 6,000 faithful here. Shadow multiplies with the spotlight and opens the night with a poem Miguel Hernandez, give, give Good gesture in the country where the culture manages it Vocal. Seurat and Geet exchange reflection, illumination, truth. Some are born out of fear, others out of disagreement, and many out of an infectious joie de vivre. There are times when he himself is the music and the audience.

There is something in their concerts. Something strange happens when the glorious past of things betrays the ugliness of a dilapidated present, so much of the past. There was a time when couples used to dance to the tune of their songs and names like penelope hey luca Because Seurat had made him his subject. His writings strike a balance between the pulse of one dark time and another where freedom is once again a common word.

Bullring is already in ecstasy at 10:30. I have come to Murcia to say goodbye to you one by one, as appropriate. I hope this will not be the last, but if good circumstances turn away from us, they can always say: what a haphazard. I was there. So save your entries for what could happen. Of course, not a single penny will be returned to them. Oh, and all nostalgia is forbidden because everything is future. and Seurat launched My childhood

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There is something unforgettable in each song, an identity that lingers in the throats of all song-singers, as they are already part of existence, the warm weather, the companion, the calm of the traveling winds. The heads rest on the verses and that harmony is noticeable. There are still places where several people feel safe for a few hours at the same time.

Seurat’s spectacle is to hear so many things in it that something, each in its own way, feels, or is afraid, or loved, or hopes, or is lost. For example, the naive (not innocent) pleasures of youth. Sometimes life is better translated from a universe of songs of its own.

The voice gradually warmed up. But after the auction of the first verses, there was silence. ricardo mirales And the seven musicians gave beautiful water to the singer. and it already seemed Furo Carousel. And with a diorama of fairground attractions in the background. My songs are his, he has earned him, he said. Seurat knows how to talk to the public like a speaker And make the concert a collection of anecdotes that a friend tells you The Romance of Quero ‘El Palmo’ As for what it is: a pause and a handful of frosting. The singer sits in a cafe chair, with a pedestal-style table and drinks water that may have been a machiquito in the romance. Seurat’s dramatization is perfect. It is effective. It’s all.

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After a romance with Lorca’s Echoes, Seurat and the band go up in a the noose that heads up Sora. Walk the topic around the stage. it is no longer poble sec, But it has its own strange hammock. Some characters have different ages. The same happens with some verses. sound of Look. In the throat there is a vibration of those moments in which those things are said which time has not lost.

The repertoire of this last tour goes from the last 60s and from there it goes on for all the decades, without forgetting the Sabinian Compadario, already in the 21st century. It is enough to hear the chanting of 6,000 swaras to understand the meaning of the goods of this creator in the collective ideology of the country for half a century. Or bursting straight with passion when it seems, at the very end, that impeccable artwork that seems like forever and ever. Mediterranean. And it is much more than just the ocean.

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