Belarus deploys its special forces to put pressure on Ukraine


One of the reasons for the movement may have been to mislead the Ukrainian military so that they could not be deployed to support the Donbes region.

The bridge destroyed by the bombing near Kharkov.
The bridge destroyed by the bombing near Kharkov.DIMITAR DILKOFFAFP
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To this day, Minsk did not want to be directly involved in the war being waged in the neighboring country. But circumstances are pressing, and perhaps the problems Russia faces in meeting the objectives it has set are translating into greater pressure on Belarus to increase its participation in the conflict. Their leader has few options, Alexander Lukashenko, His self-critical drift in recent years has taken him into Putin’s arms.

Earlier this month the Belarusian government announced a series of large-scale military exercises. A few days later, in a move that reminded many experts of the formulation of the Russian offensive, Belarus announced that its special forces would be deployed to three areas near the southern border with Ukraine. According to the Chief of the General Staff, Viktor Gulevich, the excuse is that “the US and its allies continue to increase their military presence on their borders”.

Yesterday, in one of its informative updates on the situation in Ukraine, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense confirmed the Belarusian deployment and pointed to one of its possible reasons: serving as a distraction for Ukrainians. “The presence of Belarusian forces near the border is likely to crush Ukrainian troops, so they cannot be deployed in support of operations in the Donbs,” he said in a series of tweets.

Such a decision by Belarus once again confirms Minsk’s lack of interest in putting its footwear in Ukraine, a country with which it has maintained a traditionally fluid relationship. Although Lukashenko too timidly tried to distance himself from Russia a few years ago and turn to the West, particularly as a result of the loss of economic gains from that relationship, repression after the 2020 presidential elections has dented his ties with Putin. Fixed cornering led.

Today, a little more than Strapa del Kremlin, Lukashenko drags his feet and walks towards Ukraine. At first, he managed to prevent his troops from actively participating in the offensive, but his territory was the springboard for the entry of columns that tried to capture Kyiv during the first phases of the attack. Amidst the sabotage maneuvers carried out by the Belarusians themselves, Butchers who massacred in Bucha came from there Oh Irpin.

Moscow sees Minsk before the loss of troops

Now that Russia’s military machine is facing a shortage of cannon fodder, Moscow is looking to Minsk. Not surprisingly, British military intelligence also reports that Russia has lost a third of the forces initially allocated to the invasion and occupation of Ukraine. This meant, in addition to, possibly, thousands of dead soldiers, in addition to countless physical damages in the face of a Ukrainian army well armed and rapidly rising in morale by the West.

After a failed operation to quickly take the capital, eliminate the Ukrainian president and quickly turn the tables in the country, Russia announced that its goal would be to ‘liberate’ the Donbes region. He withdrew his troops from the north and concentrated all his shelling in the east and south. But here too things are not going well. Last Saturday, most military analysts took lightly Ukraine’s victory in the battle for Kharkov, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

If Russian tanks are not pushed back in places like Kherson in the south or Izium in the east, Ukrainian countermeasures are slowing. One of the biggest Ukrainian coups in recent times was the destruction of a Russian attempt to cross the Siversky Donets River using a pontoon. The question now is how Russia will respond to this new reality. If he decides to continue watching the war by the fence for the Belarusians or total mobilization in his country.

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