Ben Wallace, British Defense Minister: “Putin’s fate will be the same as that of the Nazis”


The defense minister of the United Kingdom has increased rhetoric and military aid to Ukraine with a new shipment of 1,500 million euros

British Defense Secretary
British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace at King’s College.AP
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The British government has intensified rhetoric against Moscow and raised the bar for military aid to Ukraine with a new package of 1,500 million euros in weapons. “Putin’s fate must ultimately be the same as that of the Nazis”Defense Secretary Ben Wallace made the announcement in a speech at the Army Museum in London, hours after the military parade in Moscow.

“Through the invasion of Ukraine, Putin, his inner circle and his generals are looking in the mirror of the fascism and tyranny of 70 years agoThey are repeating the same mistakes as totalitarian regimes,” he said. “They are hijacking history, embarrassing their citizens with their imperial ambitions, and insulting the memory of the immortal regiment.”

In later remarks at the Defense of Europe conference at King’s College, Ben Wallace went even further and alleged Vladimir Putin To resort to “brutality” as a last resort in a losing war.

“Killing and bombing indiscriminately, Destroy an entire city like MariupoliRape of women and intimidation of children… these are the weapons Putin uses, in collusion with his generals and his soldiers, who participating not only in an illegal invasion, but in war crimesAnd they have to answer before the court-martial.”

Wallace has recalled that on his last visit to Moscow in mid-February, Putin and his inner circle assured him that there would be no deaths. invasion of ukraine, “All the leaders tried to persuade him, but he had already made the decision and he betrayed the international community,” insisted the defense secretary, the most valuable member of the Johnson government.

The Defense Secretary acknowledges that There is a risk that Putin will resort to the use of chemical weapons or strategic nuclear weapons If he sees that his forces have failed to gain control of eastern and southern Ukraine. The British minister has assured that his country will in the meantime continue to increase its military aid to Volodymyr Zelensky’s government and is “adapting” arms shipments to the needs in successive stages of the war.

boris johnson Ukraine has again surpassed its European allies with the announcement of a new item of 1,300 million pounds (1,520 million euros) of military aid from reserves. During the recent virtual G7 conference, Johnson urged other leaders to “Facilitate military equipment that allows Ukrainians not only to keep their territory, but to reclaim it”,

“Putin’s brutal attack is not only causing devastation in Ukraine, but it also threatens the peace and security of the whole of Europe,” Johnson said. “The UK has been the first country to recognize that threat and send weapons so that Ukrainians can defend themselves. We will continue to do so, working with our allies to ensure that Ukraine can repel the invasion and as a country. I can survive.” free and democratic.

The new British military aid package includes, above all, the following: Sophisticated counter-battery radar, to detect the trajectory of enemy missiles and allow effective “backfire” from their own artillery. Radars are also capable of detecting the position on the ground from where the projectiles are launched and can be very useful in neutralizing enemy artillery.

New shipment also includes communication and GPS jamming devices, You night vision equipment To facilitate the use of the NLAWS, a new generation of light anti-tank weapons (it is estimated that the United Kingdom sent more than 6,000 units that were particularly effective in the defense of Kyiv).

Dozens of Ukrainian soldiers have, in fact, been trained on British soil to deal with increasingly sophisticated weapons, such as Starstreak Surface-to-Air Ultrasonic Missile A laser-guided or stormtrooper armored vehicle, the closest thing to a tank. Boris Johnson himself anticipates his government’s plans by sending tanks to Poland, which in turn will supply Ukraine with the older Soviet-made T-72s that Ukrainian soldiers are familiar with.

Under Secretary of State for the British Armed Forces James Happy recently insisted that the use of weapons provided by the United Kingdom to Ukraine not only to defend itself but to attack military targets in Russia was “legitimate”. ” Will happen. “First of all, it is the Ukrainian military, not the weapons manufacturers who decide what the targets are,” Happy told BBC radio. “And in the second place, It would be perfectly legitimate to target the deeper targets of your opponents to cause logistical disruption and supply chain.

“If the whole world had responded with the determination and courage of the United Kingdom to help Ukraine, I am sure that this war would have ended by now and we would have restored peace,” said Volodymyr Zelensky, who Speaks daily with Boris Johnson and presents him with his “shopping list” every week.

Johnson was, in fact, the first Western leader to intervene by videoconference before the Ukrainian parliament since the start of the war. zelenxi He returned the favor with a remote intervention at an event organized last week by Chatham House in London: “We must free our territory from invaders, and we will certainly thank the British for support”,

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