Best Actress at Cannes, an Iran they wanted to destroy with a sex video


15 years ago, Tsar Amir Ibrahim became an untouchable for the betrayal of a lover. yesterday he achieved glory with ,holy spider

Tsar Amir Ibrahim
Tsar Amir Ibrahim in Cannes.AFP
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“We got it! Tsar Amir Ibrahim’s porn CD! Buy it here!” Shoppers shouted at street corners in Tehran. Nothing else happened in Iran. So he ruined the career of a promising young actress Just when it was morning. Overnight, Ibrahim, the star of the popular television series, was pushed into a social boycott. the perpetrator was someone close to me who did what we now call revenge porn, But it was she who had to pay and leave the country.

Fifteen years after that blow, Abraham raised him Best Performance Award at Cannes for his role in holy spider, A film in which the actress, turned into a determined journalist, is accountable – in fiction and, metaphorically, in reality – along a black line of the Islamic Republic. their victory A festival flavored with saffron and feminism, Apart from Tsar Amir Ibrahim, Taraneh Alidust and Golshifteh Farhan walked on the carpet.

All three shone during the French film show, but the one who did the most, exploded the colors of the costume, was Abraham. In the end it had to happen. An Iranian journalist approached him with a microphone, I asked him if he felt like the Phoenix Bird And, suddenly, years of pain came out of his mouth: “I was working hard when it happened. Cinema was my only hope. But I never thought it was ashes. Never,” he insisted, though. without losing your temper,

His allegation didn’t end there: “Most thought, then, that the logical thing was that I would commit suicide. Seen from their point of view, certainly those who judged me saw me as ashes. And now they believe that I have been reincarnated from him”, the apostille “because it never happened i’ve never been a victim, The phoenix bird tag is beautiful, but no. There have been ups and downs in my life, sometimes I have felt that I cannot bear it anymore, that I drowned, but I have never been a victim,” he settled.

time passed, and then Got only six months in prison for leaking that domestic tape, Emir Tsar Ibrahim is not ready to forgive those who tried to kill him. But he has managed to draw lessons from his experience. “Now, with social media, it’s even easier to comment. But there are some supporters. There are some who now apologize and understand me, If this ever happens to anyone, you can take me as an example.”

That whole whirlwind of memories and experiences came true on stage when the actress received the award. “This movie talks about women, about their bodies. It’s a movie full of hate, arms, legs, boobs, sex, everything that is impossible to show in Iran“, declared Ibrahim, 41. In the context of his ordeal, he sentencing: “It was a disgrace, but the cinema remained; There was loneliness, but there was cinema; It was dark, but there was cinema. Today I stand before you in the night of happiness.”

Film holy spider this is a Thriller Psychologist who directs Ali Abbas and which is based on a real case. It was discovered between 2000 and 2001 A serial killer who killed 16 prostitutes in Mashdi, The city is known for hosting the tomb of the eighth Imam Reza, one of the most important successors of the Prophet to the Shiites. Mashhad is also a place where it is commonly practiced so-called temporary marriageViewed by many critics as prostitution.

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