Best places to watch the Champions League final in Madrid


Best places to watch the Champions League final in Madrid
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Each final requires its own traditions. Fans of Real Madrid know this all too well, a team playing their 17th Champions League final in Paris this Saturday. Of these, he has lost three, the last against Liverpool, the same opponent he is facing this season. For this reason, many fans, although they do not consider themselves superstitious, repeat what they have been doing since then. pedja mijatovic batty’s a Peruzzi In 1997 and after a 32-year drought gave the title to the White team. There began a new golden era in which many fans have always watched the final away from home. Therefore, even if they show games on free-to-air television, they are the most attractive option in the Spanish capital to sing goals in company.

Hotel Pestana CR7 Gran Y

What could be better than celebrating a dreamy victory at a hotel that proudly bears the initials of the last great white star? Cristiano Ronaldo He became the top scorer in the club’s history during the nine seasons he spent with it, scoring no less than 105 goals in the Champions League. In the form of sports bar In form of Neapolitan Pizza They will offer the game on a huge screen. The first has a menu in Peking format which is made by borja veguilas and another presents a menu with the chef’s signature Mauru Sogiu. Address: Gran VA, 29.


With its opening at the end of 2021, it was possible to recover the legend Brewery Post Office (Where 27. generation of) with taverns, bars, cold beers and much Madrid tapas to offer. In May, after a few months of filming, he opened his eatery, a peculiar space designed “for pleasure”, accessible from behind the bar, with a market and an offer based on seasonal cuisine, From Dynamic, Plate, Spoon and Traditional Cookbook. , In addition, those who choose to watch it in the final will be the first to reach Sibels. Address: Calle d’Alcal, 55.

sky of urachu

Villarreal de Urechu, originating from Guipazcoa, ego urechu started his career with marten berasateguiWith whom I learned good taste in cooking. Having worked in various restaurants (such as with Chef at Le Pen Adour et Fantasy) didier audiliwith two Michelin stars), chef of television programs with wheat (Cooking Channel) and open fire (Telemadrid) takes Basque and Mediterranean gastronomy to the pinnacle in Madrid, on the top floor of the Zillow shopping mall in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Perfect for being able to shout targets in height. Address: CC Zillow Shopping, Local 217, Avada de Europa.


This contemporary grill has become the king of red meat treated to a perfect point grilled over oak charcoal. Its terrace in front of the NH Eurobuilding is presented as the ideal place to enjoy meeting while admiring the materials new York Times Coming from El Capricho, a restaurant and farm Jose Gordon, an expert and passionate about beef who has been dedicated to the aging process of meat for over 30 years on his farm in Jiménez de Jamuz (Lane). Address: Father Damin, 38.

Irish Rover

One of the options for enjoying a football match an Irishman cannot be missing. In the case of Irish Rover, Such is the demand that they update every week the sporting events that are broadcast at the famous establishment on Avenida de Brasil. In fact, they even have one sports menValid during sporting events. It consists of a hamburger (bacon and cheese, crispy chicken or vegetarian) or a turkey and mozzarella sandwich with potatoes and a pint. All for 12.5 euros. Address: Avenida de Brasil, 7.

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