Best Series of the Week: Borgen, Exemplary Fantasy


Let’s enjoy Borgen for the fourth time, without all that crap, please

Heroes of the Borgen Series
Heroes of the Borgen SeriesNetflix
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After the West Wing of the White House, Danish borgen Most influential political series. more than I Claudius and certainly more House of cards Americana, that maximalist hoax that hides one of those soap operas with lots of spin and very little sediment under a clever Fincherian wrapper (that blue filter).

Borgen is something else, something more important. there was a time. A lovely moment, in which Spanish politicians of all stripes enthusiastically recommended it. I remember at least three that talked about this damn fantasy As if he had figured it out. Furthermore, he did so without going into details that would bring him no benefit. Few wanted to see himself reflected in the iconic Birgit Nyborg who, after a wildly televised election debate, became Danish prime minister by rebound. Others forgot the petty corruption that served as the real stigma of the conspiracy. One of those situations for which almost any national politician would demand the resignation of others, but would consider it unimportant if he were to be the hero. Or to her, because then came the images of Christina Sifuentes and Cream and Spain was Borgon for a few months. Or rather, a Berlanguian parody of Borgen.

Nine years after the end of its third season, and with the terrifying title Borgen: Kingdom, Power and GloryNetflix has retrieved adam value chain, Like always in the house of Red N, now the entire season is available on the platform. I’m not going to deny it: Even before I saw a minute of this new Borgen, I already knew the series would occupy the spot of the best series of the week, on this page. It’s his thing.

Borgen returns, introducing his characters. To the old and the new. Birgit is now the foreign minister. And there comes a big one: Greenland has oil and the island’s rulers are unwilling to give up their exploitation. Again, Borgen is shelling out a real watermelon. Fortunately (or is it unfortunately?) the international political landscape that the narrative presents has significant differences with the situation we live in today. You know: Russia. This allows the chain fly more freely, but it also confirms it as a creation of screenwriters. an invention. When those Spanish politicians (many of them inactive today, by the way) praised Borgen’s virtues, it sometimes seemed that they had forgotten: that Birgit Nyborg is a fictional character and that his story is a creation. The setting of his series is certainly more than recognizable, but that doesn’t make it a documentary. More than once we have heard of Danish politics in such terms, which betrayed that whoever did so was talking of Borgen politics. As if we believed The West Wing’s White House was real. Or that Kevin Spacey is the real president. Let’s enjoy Borgen for the fourth time without saying such nonsense.

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