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Bosch Legacy is the series you can calmly recommend to anyone

In the image of Titus Welliver, 'Bosch'
In the image of Titus Welliver, ‘Bosch’prime video
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with an elegant conscience, Bosch toured for seven seasons., The first is from 2014 and the last is from last year. This makes the television adaptation of Michael Connelly’s novels one of the most coherent fictions on Prime Video. It started its journey when the platform did not insist that the word Amazon does not appear in its name and it managed to survive Even for the treacherous pandemic,

And what’s more: He’s back. Under the name of Bosch: Legacy, the adventures of detective Harry Bosch reappeared on prime video, The first season of the new (new?) series Maintains almost all elements of foundation, He continues as a showrunner and, of course, Titus Welliver in Legacy Eric Overmeyer, a regular collaborator with David Simon. Having just turned 60, Welliver can lay claim to a solid and prudent career. i am iptome Of working quality actor, an interpreter who’s been chasing jobs since the 90s and who we’ve seen in everything that could fit between New York Police And the good wife, going through the sons of chaos or, of course, is lost. He had a peculiar charisma in the mythological series of Mad Island which was remembered only because he played it. But the character of his life is undoubtedly Harry Bosch, a noble beast, a rebel with a reason, A reference point in recent years on television.

Bosch had good seasons and less good seasons, but as a refuge value it always worked. Where Bosch had a good plot, that a thousand series with a lot of concept and little pieces was scrapped. Eric Overmeyer’s series has been elegant until that time.: neither him showrunner His star also never showed chest. Although perhaps he should have received more publicity: Bosch was only nominated for an Emmy and was a best-credited title. Have you ever seen Titus Welliver complain about never getting Not even a nomination for his work in this series? Neither do I

Los Angeles we see Equally inappropriate in his series. A gloomy city, condemned and forced to live without a soul. or is it the same Harry Bosch, with his vast bag of trauma and dark experiences, that makes him look that way. And with him, the onlooker, who would let himself be carried away by the detective and accompanied him to his coveted home on 1870 Blue Heights Drive. He takes them to see Bosch’s house. Or maybe not. What is certain is that Bosch: Legacy is the series that you can calmly recommend to anyone, If they ask you what it’s about, you say it’s a detective in Los Angeles and pop culture does the rest. yes it classic is what always works, Which couldn’t be better, Bosch and his daughter are classics. Well his house is a private residence. If you go, don’t get to the point where someone can come out with a weapon from the inside. Because there such things happen. And if you don’t believe it, watch Bosch: Legacy.

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