Best Series of the Week: Ladder or True Crime is Too Dark for Harrison Ford


Colin Firth replaced the American star at the last minute to add to the darkness of the “true crime” of the time.

An image from 'The Staircase'.
An image from ‘The Staircase’.hbo max

when the series true Crime were not yet in fashion, French filmmaker Jean-Xavier de Lestrade signed ladder ,suspect in French), a documentary mini-series about the 2004 case Michael Peterson, American writer accused of murdering his wife, De Lestrade immediately saw that the story was interesting, as it combined the morbidity of a domestic crime with a tangential picture of a very specific social class. For his part, Peterson himself was at once an open book and an enigma. hide something The author and his family (and his ladder) a fundamental and irreversible act whose only drawback is being slightly tarnished by a sequel and a coda added later, although they didn’t destroy the legacy of the initial series, I know they were brazen in their intention to capitalize on . at that time. pure writer television,

With the same title, a fiction telling the same story was released on HBO Max a few weeks ago. The new miniseries also wants to make money from Peterson and his case, but in return, he offers us something that is relevant, disturbing, and good, ladder The year 2022 is very meaningful.

Created by The New Yorker Antonio Campos, the new series features Colin Firth and Toni Collette In the main roles: the writer and his wife. Firth’s appearance as Michael Peterson speaks to the level of darkness and ambiguity in the film. ladder, Or more because of his presence: British The megastar was initially hired to play the role of the writer, none other than Harrison Ford., Anyone who has reached the second episode of the series (which is when it reveals its narrative and ideological intentions) will understand the fear of Ford, an actor who clings to values ​​that are neither expected nor Michael Peterson. are present in. And anyone who’s seen the 2004 documentary on the matter might think that, with stars like Firth and Colette, the new version of the story will trample on troublemakers (sometimes almost comically, as in our ) death in leone) Peterson’s circumstances. It is not. Or that he didn’t delve into forensic experiments, making Peterson’s trial almost an ordeal. Anthill, s is rebuilt,

Can anyone imagine Harrison Ford in the middle of that scenario? No. Fantastically, neither the series nor its creator (nor Jean-Xavier de Lestrade) dared to turn Harry’s argument into a publicity campaign, something that Paul Verhoeven did by slipping the names of several actresses. Was. they didn’t want to act allie, We understand them too. Also, thanks to Isabelle Huppert, allie finally done and It’s amazingly sick. or ill wonderful, How ladderExploring the abyss of the mind, with a mix of luxury soap operas, what personal life is and fable about it playful meta-narrative where nothing is visible. Oh! yes it is

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