Biden Begins US Summit With Defense of Democracy “In a World Under Attack”


The voice of dissent on the first day was represented by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who was sent by his president to act as a “righteous” voice for those angered by the boycott of the region’s dictatorship.

US President Joe Biden in his inaugural address at the AMI summit
US President Joe Biden in his inaugural address at the Summit of America.
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“At a time when democracy is under attack in the world, Let’s meet again” the American host cried, Joe Biden, For the rest of the leaders and foreign ministers gathered yesterday at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the official start of America’s IX Summit.

The power of democracy must be preserved, insisted Biden, which has faced several diplomatic attempts, the “rebellion” of leaders of the region closest to the three revolutions, out for disrespecting the rights of the people and violating human rights. Is placed. The leaders of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua do not participate in the Continental Conference, but their boycott has become a Throwing arms against Biden and in favor of global autocracy, Russia and China are bent on competing in their backyard with the US.

Despite the odds, the White House maintains its commitment to opening up an era of more efficient cooperation with the rest of the world. The sought objective is the reconstruction of economies damaged by the pandemic. Biden wanted to make it clear from the start that “it is no longer just for the United States, but what we can do together,” knowing that the economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic has doubled migrant pressure against his country. have make. ,

Washington counts, in first year of coronavirus alone, record 22 crore new poor, To which we must add the enormous human trauma: 40% of deaths were recorded, despite being only 12% of the world’s population.

To fight continental ills, Biden announced the creation of the Coalition for Economic Prosperity in America, a new economic pact “with growth from the bottom up and growth from the middle. The spillover economy doesn’t work,” the president acknowledged. , who did not elaborate further. Biden’s commitment, as he made clear in his earlier words, is what is known in America as the Miami spirit, the first of these conventions with Bill Clinton in 1994.

On the first day the voice of dissent was represented by the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, Sent by its president to act as a “righteous” voice for those angered by the exclusion of the region’s dictatorship. “We believe that this is a serious mistake and that no one has the right to exclude the other, we do not accept the principle of interference to unilaterally define who comes and who does not,” Anders Manuel Said the man to be the successor of López Obrador.

Despite the disagreements, one of the most famous Mexican ranchers among the organizers, who sings, Charo Hat in hand, “With or without money, I always do what I want, my word is the law.”

While Ebrard called for a “second type of relationship” from Washington and once again insisted on ending the Organization of American States (OAS), which at the summit held the main for the hegemony of the followers of his main ally, the Great Fatherland. was one of the obstacles. Argentina Alberto Fernandez, Warmly hugged Biden on the red carpet, even asking his wife for her phone and showing a photo of his phone to the White House couple.

Before the start of the conference in Los Angeles, Nicolas Maduro named Fernández as his “voice” in front of the rest of the nation. The “Driver of Victory” has also called for an urgent meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) as a countermeasure to the Los Angeles Convention.

Well, the White House reported that Biden had a 17-minute telephone conversation while he was already in Venezuela with his aide in Air Force One, Juan Gued, whom he recognized again as interim president, Despite not being on the guest list. Allies of Venezuela’s interim government have made a presence in the California city, which has lost significant support in the region.

Biden’s promise still holds up: to “shadow” his sanctions on Maduro in the face of talks in Mexico, despite the relentless torpedoes launched by the “people’s president.” For his part, Guaid stressed the need to lead “international multilateral pressure” in the quest for free elections, the release of 237 political prisoners, and the restoration of democracy.

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