Biden reaffirms US “full support” for Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO


The prime ministers of the two countries are willing to “discuss whatever is necessary” with Turkey to enter the alliance.

US President Joe Biden.
US President Joe Biden.mandel nanganiAFP
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The governments of the United States, Sweden and Finland have staged a request for the two Nordic countries to join NATO with a meeting in Washington in which US President Joe Biden announced that the two countries would join the organization. “They have the full, full, full support of the United States”.

The Democratic Party, in power in Washington, fully supports the two countries joining NATO. Things are more complicated among the Republican opposition. the leader of that formation in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, supports it, as well as the delivery of weapons and aid to Ukraine. But the Republican ‘Trumpist’ sector does not. Actually, Senator red paul It had already briefly blocked Montenegro’s entry into that organization in 2017.

A year later, the then President, Donald Trump Said Montenegro – a country of 630,000 inhabitants with an armed forces of 2,000 soldiers – is “very aggressive” and could lead to a “third world war”, In 2016, the pro-Russian opposition in Montenegro was accused of a coup attempt to block the country’s entry into NATO.

Currently, Paul has again hindered the distribution of military aid worth $40,000 million (38,000 million euros) to Ukraine. Already in April, a third of Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against a symbolic resolution supporting NATO. 67 favorable votes are needed in the Senate to approve the accession of Sweden and Finland., It is certain that this figure will be reached. But also whether the delay tactics of Paul and his associates will be something of a mystery.

Another problem is the situation in Turkey, which continues to block the entry of two new members. Finnish Prime Minister Saul Ninistomentioned this in his intervention before the media with Biden declaring that “we stand ready to discuss whatever is necessary” with the government. Risp Tayip Erdogan, Ninist insisted that “discussion” [con Turqua] They have already begun and will continue over the next few days.” In the United States, the general assumption is that Sweden and Finland will enter NATO, although no one has said how Turkey’s opposition will end. .

Ninist and Biden were accompanied by the Swedish prime minister, Magdalena Anderson, who did not downplay his country’s decision to join the military alliance “for the first time after 200 years of neutrality”. Both he and his Finnish counterpart indirectly blamed the decision. Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. Biden recalled in this regard that “NATO has never been a threat to anyone” And, in what seemed like a message to the ‘hard’ Republican wing, he recalled that “the United States will never forget” that the Atlantic Coalition came to the aid of a member country in the aftermath of the 2001 al Qaeda attacks. in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

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