Biggest Russian attack in Kyiv in weeks

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the heart of me severodonetskstrategic city to the east of UkraineThere is a “street fighting” taking place at a time when Russian forces are trying their best to control donbswhereas Kyiv Was hit by “multiple explosions” on Sunday morning. This is the strongest attack ever Kyiv for several weeks

“Many explosions in the districts of darnitsky You niprovsky from the city. Services are ending,” wrote the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaly Klitschko on Telegram.

the mayor of KyivVitaly Klitschlow and the Ukrainian General Staff reported loud explosions in and around the Ukrainian capital, where one injured was recorded,

Affected neighborhoods have been Danarniza and Dnepro, west of Kyiv. According to Klitschko, an injured man had to be taken to the hospital but there have been no deaths, Rescue services have been dispatched to the affected places.

area of breweriesoutside of KyivIt has also been affected by missile strikes, but the extent of the damage caused is still unclear.

On the other hand, the death of at least 11 civilians was reported in the area of Luganskwhere it is located severodonetskarea around Donetsk and southern cities mycolive,

“circumstances severodonetskWhere street fighting continues, it remains extremely difficult,” said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in a video posted early Sunday, condemning “air strikes, artillery and incessant missile fire”.

The city remains at the center of the Russian offensive in the mining basin. donbsAn eastern region under the partial control of pro-Russian separatists since 2014 and musk Hoping to win outright.

There the situation remains unclear. Local authorities in Ukraine assured on Saturday that defense was recovering parts of the city, while musk The Ukrainians are said to have suffered heavy losses and withdrew.

“Units of the Ukrainian army, which suffered serious losses during the fighting severodonetsk (up to 90% on various units), going back to lissitchansk“, a nearby city assured the Russian Defense Ministry.

but Kyiv He says that he is fighting to retake the city. Russian troops “managed to enter a good part of the city and divide it into two halves. But our troops managed to redeploy, form a defense line. At present, we are trying to restore full control.” are doing everything necessary for severodonetskdeclared its mayor, Oleksandre Streeck.

A little earlier, the governor of the region LuganskSergei Gaidai also assured that “preliminary information indicates that they (Russians) have managed to take control of most of the city. But our forces are now driving them away.”

“flying bridge”

The Russians are “blowing up the bridges so we can’t send reinforcements to our people, who are inside” severodonetsk“, Agri el Gobernador.

for its part, musk claims to have destroyed two Ukrainian command centers and six ammunition depots in the areas of Donetsk You Lugansk,

Fighting continues on other fronts as well. According to Defense Minister Ukraine,Russia Efforts are on to capture our entire state.” Kremlin Oleksiy Reznikov assured that with “reuniting the lands” it considers “its own”, including “Poland, the Baltic countries, Slovakia and others”.

Crimea, donbssure of Ukraine: Since the beginning of the invasion, Russia As of now, it has tripled Ukrainian territory under its control, with approximately 125,000 km, or 20% of the country. zelensky,

on the southern front, in the area of jarsno, musk “It continues to bomb the occupied territories and the position of the Ukrainian military,” declared the Ukrainian presidency, which fears a humanitarian crisis in areas in Russian hands.

Russian forces claimed to have destroyed “a deployment point for foreign mercenaries” near Duchno in the Odessa region, and attacked a Ukrainian artillery training center near Stetskovka in the Odessa region with missiles. sumi (North), where “foreign instructors trained Ukrainian soldiers in the use of M777 obs.”

port of mycolive One was also hit by a missile, as was an agricultural enterprise in the major port of Odessa, where “warehouses were damaged” and two people were killed, according to Kyiv,

question of existence

guera There has been pressure on grain exports, on which African countries are particularly dependent.

After his meeting with the Russian President on Friday Vladimir PutinSenegal’s head of state and current African Union president Mackie Saal announced on Saturday his intention to visit Ukraine and “contribute to the return of peace”.

For his part, the Ukrainian foreign minister responded to the French president on Saturday, Emmanuel Macronwho reiterated that it was not necessary to “humiliate” Russia“To preserve the diplomatic exit gates.

“We would all do better to focus on how to keep Russia rather than. It will bring peace and save lives,” replied Dimitro Kuleba, adding that Macron’s position could only “humiliate France.”

At the same time, the USS Caresurge was anchoring in Stockholm, the largest American battleship in the port of the Swedish capital.

“This is important to us, both to the United States and to the rest of the otaniShow our solidarity with Finland and Sweden with this military exercise,” US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said, referring to the maneuver otani in the Baltic Sea.

These exercises, which took place between June 5 and 17, with the participation of 14 countries, gained more relevance after the outbreak. war conflict in Eastern Europe.

The Ukrainians will look to secure another victory in Cardiff on Sunday night to qualify for the World Cup.

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