Bin Laden and Saudi money: It was a ‘hunting’ for Phil Mickelson ahead of US Open


The 9/11 Victims’ Union strongly criticizes golfers who have joined LIV Golf, accusing them of helping to clean up the reputations of allies of the executioners of the attacks.

Phil Mickelson during the press conference ahead of the US Open.
Phil Mickelson during the press conference ahead of the US Open.AP

in a few months, Phil Mickelson He has become the most charismatic athlete, the idol of the masses, the most hated athlete in the United States. The Reason? Abandon the PGA Tour ship and hop on the Saudi Patroldelors. The man who became the oldest person in history to win at the age of 50 major This week he is facing his only pending subject, l US OpenThe only Grand Slam that is missing from its showcase. The tournament marks his return to the United States and the reception is intended to be the most complex of his career., The noisy Boston public isn’t going to make a comeback big companiesEven if it’s the week of your birthday. The atmosphere has heated up after an embarrassing press conference on Monday, which is the closest to a trial with a conviction. Phil Mickelson is already on the wall.

American journalists had been fanning their wings for almost four months and it was time to see each other’s faces for the first time, as this American left-handed American rebel emerged as the first insurgent to support the Saudis in his project, which Happened a few days ago in London. , el liv golf, It became clear that he would never forgive Mickelson and, from first to last, all questions sounded with disdain and guilt. After the first two polite questions from the moderator, came the first and brutal knife:

-“Many people have criticized him”, began the journalist, who immediately Bin Laden was linked to the Saudis, alluding to a letter written by a consortium of victims and relatives of the victims of September 11., Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia in the gruesome attack that killed nearly 3,000 people. “Now you are a partner of these people and you are happy with their business,” the journalist said.

– I’ve read everything, do you have any questions? – replied Mickelson very seriously.

The press conference continued in the same curious tone while the North American player, clearly uneasy, weathered the questioning in a monosyllabic manner. The press insisted on the September 11 attacks on two more occasions and Phil had to justify himself. “My deepest sympathies to all the victims of the attack and their families”He repeated many times.

“They rob their reputation in exchange for millions”

Terry Strada, the widow of one of the World Trade Center victims and president of 9/11 Family United, issued a statement saying that Mickelson and her LIV golf teammates “should be ashamed.” “They are helping to tarnish the reputation of the Saudi regime in exchange for tens of millions of dollars”assure.

The next attack Mickelson found was pointing to the legacy of a sport like golf and how, by enrolling with LIV, the American has prioritized money over tradition. ,I have been a part of the PGA Tour for the last 30 years and I have enjoyed the opportunities that life has given me., My family and I have enjoyed golf through the PGA Tour and I am very grateful. During this entire time I have worked very hard to contribute to this entire show. I’ve always tried to do my best, but now I’m excited about the opportunity LIV Golf presents to me and the game of golf.”

Regarding the ban from playing on the PGA Tour, Phil commented that he respected the decision, although he did not share it. “I Earned The Right To Be A Life Member Of The PGA Tour And That Should Be My Decision”argument.

Nor did the journalists have time to solve their personal problems. “I continue to work on the weak areas of my life, the most obvious being my gambling addiction. I have been working on it for years and will continue to do so for the rest of my life”, With the outbreak of the Saudi conflict, an unauthorized biography of Mickelson came to light and highlighted American problems with gambling, where it was reported that Mickelson had lost more than $40 million over the past 10 years.

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