Blablacar enters Champions League final: 70 euros to go to Paris


Travel sharing platform registers 300% increase in travel from Madrid to Paris this Friday

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Madrid’s airport, Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas, is today Madrid’s stronghold. Scarves, smiles, shirts are already running today,… The tide of fans of the White Club reflects optimism, although many believe it cost them the payroll to go to the finals. “It’s a good thing it’s not in St. Petersburg,” Anders tells us, apologizing for the appointment and pardoning the Ukrainian people.

However, it tells us that “It cost me 1,700 euros, the plane and the ticket everything,” he says., “And you woman?” I ask “I don’t have one, I’m single and the kids don’t cry for me,” he says ironically.

Hundreds of fans, in groups, as a couple or alone, are traveling to Paris from Madrid and from various airports in Spain today. Some 30,000 fans will come to Paris, many of them without tickets, to “experience the atmosphere”. Julian tells us.

The truth is that beyond traditional means of travel, new mobility operators have jumped on the ultimate bandwagon. Among them, ride-sharing platforms, BlablacarOf Frankish origin.

For this Friday alone, the company recorded more than 30 shared car trips departing from the capital Madrid, Getafe, El Escorial, Leganes, Alcal de Henares, Bodilla, San Agustin de Guadalix and Valdemoro to Saint-Dance, where The final match is the Champions League. This represents a 300% increase in searches for shared car and bus trips from the province of Madrid to Paris for this weekend.


BlaBlaCar users make a month 1,200 kms to enjoy the game And the average carpool price per passenger is 70.

“For two weeks we are looking at shared car trips to St. Denis directly from the capital Madrid, El Escorial, Getafe, Leganes, etc. We have also strengthened the services on our buses from Madrid to Paris due to the increase in demand. Point. In carpooling or cross-border bus travel, we don’t want anyone to have a chance to watch the final and also share such a historic event with fans.” Florent Bannworth, COO of Blablacar in Spain and Portugal.

The truth is that we did a quick search for where to travel from Madrid to Paris and There was one spot left on the trip shared by Tristan, asking for 80 euros.

Perhaps it is already the only option left for those who want to participate in the final if they do not want to go alone in their private car as driving 1,200 kms alone is a beating. In addition to costing between 240 and 350 euros depending on the vehicle’s consumption , Via Michelin and according to the fuel used. Traveling by electric car will be somewhat cheaper, especially if you sleep halfway through and have a fully charged battery at the destination included in the hotel price.

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