Blackpool striker Jake Daniels, 17, announces his homosexuality: ‘I’m hiding the real one’


He is the second professional footballer to do so after Justin Fashanu (1990). His club has shown full support for his striker.

Jack Daniels signed his first professional contract with Blackpool.
Jack Daniels signed his first professional contract with Blackpool.blackpool

Blackpool young striker Jake Daniels (17 years old) has made public through a statement that he is gay: “I’m gay, and now I feel like I’m ready to come out and be myself.“. The British club, for its part, has collaborated with various entities such as Stonewall and related football organizations to support its player, as revealed in its statement. The club was proud that “Has reached a stage where he has the ability to express himself both on and off the pitch,

At the level of the game, this season has been great for the young striker. “I have already made my debut with the first team, I have scored 30 goals with the youth team and I have signed my first professional contract., Also, I did a great job in the FA Youth Cup and picked up Lancashire FA Pro-Youth,” enthuses Daniels.

However, off the pitch, and his life as a professional footballer, Daniels has never been able to express himself as he is. “I’m hiding my true self and who I really am,” he says.

For the player, his announcement has been a challenge, as he is the second male British professional footballer to do so. The last one was in 1990 Justin Fashanu, footballer for Norwich and Manchester City among many other teams. Fashanu admitted exclusively to the tabloid ‘The Sun’ that he was gay after learning that a newspaper was about to publish it.

“It’s a step into the unknown, one of the first professionals in this country to reveal my sexuality, but Josh Cavallo, Matt Morton and other athletes, such as Tom DalyHe has inspired me to have the courage and determination to say this”, Jake is abundant in his writing. In or on social networks. It’s an easy target,” he admits.

“I hate lying all my life”

For her part, Daniels has taken advantage of the message to encourage all people who live in the same situation and aren’t afraid to show themselves as they really are: “There are people in the same place like me. Revealing the sexuality of those who may not feel comfortable. I just want to let them know that they don’t need to change who they are, or how they should be, just to fit in.”

“I’ve hated lying all my life and felt the need for change to fit in. I want to be a role model by doing this. Being you and being happy is the most important thing,” says the player. Before telling how he announced it in the locker room. He concluded, “My teammates have been a great support, they’ve all been supportive. They’ve asked a lot of questions, they’re very interested and their response has been fantastic. It’s the best thing I could have wished for.” Was.”

Blackpool concluded, “It is imperative that everyone fosters an environment in which people feel comfortable and that football eliminates all forms of discrimination and prejudice.”

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