Bolaos confirms that government can appoint two magistrates of TC despite blockade of CGPJ


Mandate of four High Court magistrates expiring on June 12

Flix Bolaos, in an act in the Senate on Tuesday.zipikEFE
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government He assures that he can appoint by June 12 two magistrates to the Constitutional Court who correspond to him in the next round of renewal, even if the blockade of the General Council of Judicial Power (CGPJ) remains. This was stated by the Presidency Minister, Flix Bolaos, in an interview on Onda Cerro, where he rebuked the Popular Party for maintaining the blockade of the judges’ body.

it happens that June 12 The mandate of one-third of the Magistrates of the Court of Guarantee ceases to exist and two of its members must be appointed by the Executive and the other two by the Council. However, this renewal has always been accompanied by the constitution stipulating that the TC is renewed by a third.

In fact, many voices from the law world believe that the formula defended by the Minister of Presidency today is not viable because Magna Carta is exhaustive in establishing that the members of the Constitutional Court should be one-third. is appointed by. Article 159.1 Constitution clearly states that “composed of 12 members appointed by the Constitutional Court”. Ray, four of them, on the resolution of the Congress by a majority of three-fifths of its members; four proposed by the Senate with an equal majority; Two on the proposal of the Government, and two on the resolution of the General Council of the Judiciary”.

The next renewal of the body is expected to result in an ideological reversal of the constitutional, with seven magistrates of progressive sensitivity and five magistrates of the conservative court. Further, the Presidency would be analogous to the Magistrate concerned with the Executive.

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