Bone broth to promote collagen production, microalgae and alkaline water: the diet with which Benzema lost five kilos


Alberto Mastromateo, CEO of Summum and Frenchman’s Home Chef, explains the change in his diet.

Bone broth to boost production
Ulysses Culebro

Benzema is getting dirty. stronger, more rigid and more explosive More than ever, the Merengue striker has not only been one of the great strongholds in Real Madrid’s fourteenth Champions League title, but it also looks like he is about to cherish one of his childhood dreams: to win the title. Balan d’Oro.

At 34, the Frenchman Looks Like He’s Found the Master Formula to Keep machinery in perfect condition (physical and mental), thanks to a style of Healthy Life In which nutrition, along with training and rest plays an essential role.

The big change came in 2016, when White Star approached Alberto Mastromatteo, CEO of Samum—a company that brings together food delivery services, show cooking, team building and experiences—, a haute cuisine school teacher and, himself. Defines “the creator of nutritional action for an individual diet”. From his gastrospace in Alcobendas (Madrid), this Mallorcan, who started his career as a pastry chef and who has a Exclusive Client Portfolio worldwide to whom, in addition to food delivery, provides Coaching, Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Experiencere-oriented the athlete’s diet, optimized his physical qualities and, as they say, helped him to lose five kilos,

sugar and alcohol or taste them, obviously. And, if possible, all steamed foods. But the most interesting and innovative part of the plan that Mastromateo proposed to Benzema involved going to sea. “I am an ardent believer in the extraordinary nutritional power of micro algaeUnique sources of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (and other healthy lipids), vitamins, carotenoids, antioxidants, and more. so i usually put Spirulina and Chlorella In all my recipes. For example, I use them in salt or to make green chutney.”

fond of oriental cuisine, Salmon, Tuna and Avocado There are three omnipresent foods in Benzema’s diet. “I try to ‘play’ the men with them”, assures this famous chef at home.

What is really interesting is not knowing what the sources of their carbohydrates are, because the secret of ‘their magic’ lies in the ‘nectar’ in which they are cooked. “I drink and cook alkaline water from a machine I bought a long time ago. With it, I make a . cane bone brothCarcasses of chicken or fish (especially sea bass and hake), which are a . Is Authentic Omega 3 & Collagen Pump, I use it to cook pasta, rice or vegetables (sweet potatoes, turnips, potatoes, etc.).

Q S El alkaline water, Maria Amaro—nutritionist and author of The Amaro Method—explains it to us. “In contrast to what we consume from the tap, it has a higher presence of alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, silicon and bicarbonate) that increase the ion load, making it rich in oxygen, which can be used as natural antacids.” strengthens its role, for which its antioxidant power, helps our cells to regenerate and prevents aging; It protects us from the action of external agents such as viruses and bacteria; cleanses the colon; It increases the production of red blood cells (due to the extremely high concentration of oxygen) and above all, it hydrates more quickly than any other type of water.

Pharmacist, nutritionist and consultant to Eduardo Camavinga, among other football players, Javier Fernandez Liguero helps us understand the role of coconut oil and carob powder, two other basic ingredients, in Benzema’s diet. “To coconut oil In addition to the benefits for skin health, cardioprotective and slimming effects are attributed to it. Plus, it favors a feeling of satiety and improves fat burning, so it can be very beneficial if our goal is to lose weight.”

‘substitute’ for cocoa, carob powder, meanwhile, “is usually taken with water or a shake and, because of its sweet taste, it also works great in pastries”. Among its benefits, Fernandez Ligero highlights the following. “It helps control diabetes, promotes bone health and takes care of gastrointestinal health.”

But beyond highlighting specific foods, Fernández Liguero stresses the importance of the “K”. Customize the player’s diet according to the season depending on where it is found, focusing more on using loads of hydrates or protein of vegetable origin to reduce inflammation”.

and a. emphasizes the importance of proper hydration: “It is essential that athletes not only drink water, but also to replenish lost mineral salts after exerting a significant physical effort, especially when heated.”

moral? What works for Karim Benzema doesn’t work for us, so there’s nothing better put yourself in the hands of professionals Like Mastromateo, Amaro or Fernandez Ligero so that they can make us ‘a tailored suit’. Our health will thank us.

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