Borgen, the successful series that exposes the (very) dark side of politics


borgenOne of the best political series, returns to Netflix with a surprise fourth season.

Borgen's series
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The invasion of Ukraine, knife attacks between ministers of the same government, leaks of government plans to the press, illegal wiretapping… No, we’re not talking about another day of Spanish politics, but a conspiracy Borgen: Kingdom, Power and Glory (Netflix). This series, although it has that subtitle, is the fourth season of One of the most successful Scandinavian productions in recent years.

Your dedicated work ethic

The protagonist of the political thriller is Sidsey Babette Knudsenwhich reprises the role of Birgitte Nyborg in a story that Shows the real face of many politicians beyond the public sphere. Birgit was discovered years ago in Denmark as a strong-willed, progressive woman and leader of a small party. Thanks to his ingenuity and his art in getting out of conversation on the border, She later became the Prime Minister of her country. and every chapter of borgen Presented a problem that he or his team needed to solve.

In recent years, Sidse Babett Knudsen has multiplied her presence in Hollywood productions as hellChain done by and until the Simpson thanks for the success of borgen between 2010 and 2013. An actress who has been appreciated by many and who plays a nuanced character here.

problems in government

In Borgen: Kingdom, Power and GloryBirgit is no longer the prime minister, but foreign Minister, Her boss (ie the Prime Minister) is a much younger woman than her who spends a lot of time on social media. something that upsets the protagonist, in favor of conversation and A way of doing politics that is less dependent on public opinion.

in his personal life, The heroine of the series lives with her son, to which he hardly pays attention; She is still waiting for the medical report after being diagnosed with breast cancer; And maintains cordial relations with her ex-husband. for your potential romantic relationships, Work hardly leaves time for him. He lives in his office at his official office, television set and at home.

On occasion, the series depicts a brutal political struggle that affects Birgit as a whole. oil exploration in greenlanda can become a wonderful source of income for Denmark. But he, who is the minister with powers in this area, is not informed and loses the ability to influence that matter… Unless he simultaneously does his work and takes the initiative.

dark side of politics

with that We explore a thrilling thriller that unveils the pranks of politicians To do this, try to take credit, global interests aside. and, as evidence that it is A complex series that does not fall into the specific, nothing is predictable. Economic interest, accusations among members of the Danish government and even the use of personal lives to discredit the opposite are the order of the day.

with much less bad blood than House of cards and less idealistic West Wing of the White House, borgen The current series is configured as dynamic and in which it is not forgotten that Politicians are people. And, at times, with many fears and a desire for power. Unlike other seasons, this time in Greenland the struggle on the quest is the pivot on which there are many more issues. Topics such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US interests, caring for the environment and even dealing with ethnic minorities are mentioned.

At the same time, how media works there is another aspect borgen reflected in his plots. The character of Katrin (Birgit Hjort Srensen), new news head Television network TV1 is significant in this new batch of episodes. Like Asghar Holm Kierkegaard (Mikael bo Flsgaard), Advisor to Minister traveling to Greenland To find out what really goes on around the site.

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