Boris Johnson among conservatives, the worst valued of his government


British prime minister becomes most unpopular member of his own cabinet after failing to recover from ‘Partygate’ scandal

Boris Johnson, Visitendo LA CityFiber Training Academy.
Boris Johnson, Visitendo LA CityFiber Training Academy.AFP
  • United Kingdom According to ‘The Sunday Times’, Downing Street pressured Partygate to “water down” the report.
  • Great Britain Boris Johnson changes the rules of the ‘Ministerial Code’ to avoid the resignation of ‘Partygate’

Boris Johnson has crossed the tail of his own government in the popularity ranking prepared by the ConservativeHome portal. with Rating “-15%”He is the 31st and last among the members of his own cabinet, after ‘Premier’ Alok Sharma (Chairman of COP26) and Secretary of the Treasury. Rishi Sunak experiencing rapid decline in popularity Up 11.7% in recent weeks.

Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace, Today, is the most valuable member of government and Top Favorites for the Fantasy Johnson Sequence, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has moved to fourth place behind Education Minister Nadim Jahvi and Foreign Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

ConservativeHome poll shows Johnson is having great difficulty garnering grassroots support and being left behind Escandalo del ‘Partygate’, amid frequent moves by Tory representatives calling for his resignation. There are now 25 Conservative lawmakers calling for his resignation, along with Jeremy Wright, the former Undersecretary of Culture.

Deputy Nicky Aiken has directly asked the ‘Premier’ to “end the speculation” and have voluntarily submitted for a vote of confidence. The support of 54 lawmakers would, in theory, be enough to launch a censure motion, a possibility that remains up in the air in light of Sue Grey’s internal investigation that raised the question Downing Street “lack of leadership” And during the police investigation, the Prime Minister was fined 118 euros for violating the Kovid rules.

Tobias Ellwood, one of the most critical voices against Johnson, told Sky News: “The party is in an increasingly difficult position and the polls say we could lose 90 seats.” “Whatever happened, we continue to deny it: it is time to get out of the Stockholm syndrome we are in.”

According to a recent YouGov poll, A total of 88 Conservative seats may go to the Labor Party. If elections were held today. Among the seats at risk are Johnson’s own seats in Uxbridge and South Ruislip in west London, where the Conservatives lost elections. recent local elections,

Meanwhile, Chris Phillips, the Under Secretary of Culture, on Monday appealed to his co-religionists to bury the hatchet, wrap up “Premier” and reportedly called for “Partygate” to include a new episode. Abandon re-opening the internal probe. took place in June 2020 at Boris and Carrie Johnson’s apartment. The Chief Executive also has to face a third inquiry, this time in Parliament. determine whether he knowingly lied while testifying before the House of Commons No covid rules were broken on Downing Street.

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