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  • Great Britain Boris Johnson says resigning would be irresponsible and denies being a “habitual liar”

With 211 votes in favor of ‘Premier’ and 148 against boris johnson has survived a no-confidence motion promoted by the rebels of the Conservative Party, which is deeply divided by the influence of ‘Partygate’, Despite winning the vote among 359 ‘Tory’ deputies, and although, technically, a year would have to pass for a new vote, Johnson has been left in a very compromising position.Nearly half of the voters in his own party favored his resignation.

The so-called “jubilee coup” ended this Monday when Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Parliamentary Commission, confirmed that the limit for leadership changes in the Conservative Party had been exceeded by 54 deputies (15%). Brady informs Johnson and they agree to vote as soon as possible between the two of them.

Johnson has spent the entire day trying to win the support of enough deputies. In a final attempt to fuel the rebellion, the ‘pramukh’ has personally defended his permanent in office before a parliamentary commission. conservative leader Special emphasis is placed on their ability to win elections and claimed the biggest electoral victory for the party in 40 years in December 2019.

“The time has come”, the executive leader urged his loyal deputies, emphasizing that “Fraternal War” of ‘Tory’ The key to Downing Street can be handed over to the Leader of the OppositionLabour Keer starrer.

According to ‘The Times’, Johnson told the deputy that “I’ll do it again” that he has repeatedly defined himself as “work events”, referring to his attendance at COVID parties in Downing Street . The police have imposed a fine of 118 euros. Attitude of ‘Prime Minister’, half apologetic And it has been the reason for many deputies to justify their support for the censure motion, without showing enough remorse before voters.

Senior employees of his government, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, have been closing ranks with ‘Premiers’ throughout the day, passing by the Secretary of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak, the Chief of Justice, Dominic Raab and Michael Gove. “‘, who portrayed him continuing to work as a normal day and released photos of his telephone conversations with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky,

The Secretary of Brexit Opportunities, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has been the one who has defended the most vehemently against the rebels and predicts that Johnson will remain in office even if he wins the motion by one vote. Rees-Mogg has warned that the promoters of the vote were once in favor of remaining in the European Union and that Johnson’s departure from Downing Street could threaten Brexit,

Along the way, however, Johnson is losing the support of John Penrose, the former head of the anti-corruption unit, who has announced that Johnson had no choice but to resign. The leader of the Scottish ‘Tories’, Douglas Ross, for his part, has assured he will vote against the ‘Premier’ after hearing “loud and clear” the displeasure of voters at the Covid parties in Downing Street when the country is under lockdown. was in

former foreign secretary Jeremy HuntAfter the resignation of Theresa May in 2019, those competing with her for the ‘Tory’ leadership have warned that Johnson has left the party “without honesty, commitment and foresight”. And openly asked the public representatives to vote against it.

In a letter addressed in advance to his co-religionists, Johnson has accepted the challenge and has gone so far as to ensure that the Casura proposal can finally happen. ‘Golden chance’ to leave ‘Partygate’ behindContinue your work in silence “the favorite passion of the press” and “without noise”.

The Premier has acknowledged that it has been “under intense fire in recent months” and that the Conservative Party has suffered. “Some of the criticisms may have been fair, others not so much,” he clarified. “But while the points have been validated, I have listened and made important changes.”

“They’ll need a flamethrower to take me out”Johnson made the allegation in statements to members of his cabinet, as revealed by ‘The Daily Mail’. More than 120 deputies have publicly voiced their support to ‘premier’ in the final section of the motion, according to the Conservative newspaper’s count, amid growing concern about the final gap in Downing Street.

The support of 180 of 359 ‘Tory’ deputies is enough for Johnson, but analysts warn the ‘Premier’ needs a resounding victory over the rebels to avoid the ghost of resignation.

“Few will remember that Theresa May won a moderately comfortable vote of no-confidence in 2018 (with the support of 200 out of 317 lawmakers) and still recognized that her time was limited,” said former Brexit secretary David Davis. Recalls, one of the first ‘ Tories openly demanded the resignation of their leader.

Davis warned, “Maybe knew her days were numbered, but she wanted to do many things before leaving her position.” “Although I don’t think anything like this can happen to Boris. he will stick to the post,

Will Walden, Johnson’s former communications director, told the BBC: “He has to be kicked out of No. 10, shouting and kicking.” “It would take many people with guns to get him out. He’s doing what he’s wanted to do for the rest of his life, and he’s not going to get away easily.”

However, Walden himself admitted that history shows that if a prime minister does not win a motion of no confidence with confidence, Awaits him “death from lack of blood”, “These things are never good,” concluded a Tory deputy who did not want to reveal his name to The Guardian. “The genie is out of the bottle.”

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