Boris Johnson Plans La Mosin Day Censorship


30 ‘Tory’ deputies have openly called for his resignation amid decline in his popularity due to ‘Partygate’

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  • United Kingdom According to ‘The Sunday Times’, Downing Street pressured Partygate to “water down” the report.
  • ‘Partygate’ Boris Johnson changes the rules of the “ministerial code” to avoid resignation

Rebellion of the ‘Tories’ against boris johnson The Day Grows Day by Day, Despite Efforts to Leave ‘Premier’ Behind Escandalo del ‘Partygate’ And the patriotic outburst of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. There are already 30 conservative deputies who have openly lost their leader’s resignation, like the drowned the most unpopular member of his own government (with an approval of -15%) in a poll among his party’s bases released by the ConservativeHome portal.

“The Prime Minister has serious problems and The motion of condemnation may be imminent“, predicted the former foreign secretary William HagueThe full publication of Sue Grey’s report came amid an avalanche of criticism. The Hague has assured that ‘PartyGate’ is “slowly exploding” within the party and speculated that a motion against the Conservative leader (who needs the initial support of 54 deputies) could be submitted by next week. .

“We Are Facing an Unacceptable Failure of Leadership”has announced, for its part, the former business secretary Andrea Leadson, at the time distanced himself from Johnson in a letter to his voters. Leadsom has not directly requested resignation, but his distance from the ‘Premier’ in the ‘Brexitera’ wing of the party is highly symbolic.

The hardest hit against ‘Premier’ this week is by former Attorney General Jeremy Wright: “It is impossible for me to accept that ‘Premier’ does not take personal responsibility. What happened has caused great damage to the reputation. Government and His right, in general. To my regret, I have come to the conclusion that for the sake of this and future governments, the Prime Minister should resign.”

Then, the ghost of a censure motion against Boris Johnson returns to take shape. The rebels heat up the engines for the reopening of parliament the following week. The chairman of the 1922 parliamentary committee, Graham Brady, is expected to make public whether a list of 54 Conservative deputies (15% of the total) could be released. A motion of condemnation like the one that paved the way for Theresa May’s resignation in 2019.

Elliot Colburn, Nikki Aiken and Andrew Bridghan are other deputies who have raised their voice against the ‘Premier’ and have confirmed sending letters for their resignations following the recent debacle in local elections. Nikki Aiken has directly asked ‘Premier’ to “end speculation” and have voluntarily submitted for a vote of confidence. John Stevenson was the last to join the rebels on Tuesday, expressing “deep dismay at an increasingly weak government”.

“The party is in a difficult position and the election says we can lose 90 escaos“We continue to deny what has happened: it’s out of Stockholm syndrome,” declared Tobias Ellwood, one of the most important voices against Johnson, a ‘Sky News’ Tory deputy and former Secretary of State for Defense. It’s time to get out where we are.”

The chairman of Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, war veteran Tom Tugendhat, has also these days reiterated his support for the censure motion: “I have made my position very clear to those who want to hear it.” Former Brexit minister David Davies, who is one of the first to take off his gloves loudly and in the House of Commons, is also to work in the face of an alarming decline in Johnson’s credibility and popularity.

According to a recent YouGov poll, the Conservatives will have to contest up to 88 seats against Labor and the Liberal Democrats and risk their majority if general elections are held today. Although Boris Johnson has gained some ground against Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer, the ‘Premier’ may not have secured his seat in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, north-west of London.

Another survey, this time conducted by the ConservativeHome portal among its own party bases, sounded the alarm at the same time. ‘Premier’ gets worst rating With a difference between the thirty members of his cabinet, with a score of “-15%”, which places him even below his Interior Secretary, Priti Patel, (12%) or his Treasury Secretary, Rishi Sunak, (11.7%). ), which has also experienced a dramatic collapse after escandalo de su esposa akshata idolThose who took advantage of “non-resident” status in the United Kingdom to avoid paying taxes.

excited about his role before Ukrainian WarSecretary of Defense, ben wallace(85%) is, today, Johnson’s most credible and solid alternative, which is removing the Foreign Secretary, liz truss(60.3%) and with the permission of the Head of Education, nadim zahavi(66.2%) and Foreign Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan (64,6%).

Beyond the dual impact of the Gray Report and the police investigation of ‘Partygate’ (resulting in 126 fines for its staff and 118 euros for ‘Premier’), Boris Johnson will face more to come. one of the month Third investigation, this time in Parliament, which will have to decide whether he lied Intentionally when he said no covid rules were broken in Downing Street.

his wife, Carrie Johnson, who has also been fined, may also be called to testify to the House of Commons Privileges Committee to respond to the report of her husband’s other party – June 19, 2020 – Downing Street No 11 but was held in the family flat, and which was never investigated by Sue Grey. At that time, the Kovid rules prohibited the gathering of more than two people from different houses under the same roof.

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