Boris Johnson says resigning would be irresponsible and denies being a “habitual liar”


At a time when several members of his cabinet are planning a rebellion against him, the prime minister said, “We have to learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward.”

'Premier' Boris Johnson visits Stockton-on-Tees.
‘Premier’ Boris Johnson visits Stockton-on-Tees.Owen HumphriesAFP
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first” boris johnson He has assured that it “would not be responsible” for resigning under the current circumstances and, in an unusual exchange with users of MomsNet, the popular platform for moms and dads created by Justin Roberts, from being a “habitual liar”. Denied, who moderated the meeting.

Johnson acknowledged that he is asking “a lot of questions” in the wake of the Partygate scandal, although he acknowledged that “given whatever is going on” (referring to the crisis of war in Ukraine and the cost of life). will be to some extent Irresponsible “for leaving the project I started”.

Regarding the Partygate probe, he said, “I am not going to deny that it has been a sad experience for the people in the government.” “But we have to learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward.”

The “Premier” statements come in the midst of an offensive by several members of his cabinet, led by number two Dominic Raab, to contain the rebellion already reaching 44 “Tory” deputies. . publicly questioning his leadershipTen less than the time taken to initiate a censure motion.

Raab assured that he does not believe there will be a sufficient number of rebels to vote for a no-confidence motion within the Conservative Party next week, as predicted by former Foreign Secretary William Hague. “Westminster lives in its bubble and these things inflate,” warned Raab. “I don’t want to say that what is happening is not serious or important. But the prime minister has dealt with these issues in the past.”

Raab defended Johnson at all costs and assured that Did not violate the “Ministerial Code”Despite being fined (118 euros) for breaking his own rules against Covid in Downing Street. Johnson himself admitted in his speech on Mumsnet that he was “very surprised” at the time of receiving the fine, as he had always treated the event (his own birthday party) as “a work incident”.

“I was there, in the Cabinet Office, in my office, for a very short time,” Johnson said. “I was very surprised when I received the notification of the fine.”

During an Internet forum, “Premier” was forced to answer the most uncomfortable question: “Why do we have to believe everything you say when it’s proven that you’re a habitual liar?” Johnson responded politely, saying he disagreed with the “premise” of the question and reiterated his desire to stay at his job and “try to make life better for people if I can.”

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