Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser resigns after criticizing ‘Premier’ for Partygate


Lord Christopher Geidt admits his “disappointment” at the behavior of the ‘Premier’ before the Parliament of Parliament

'Premier' Boris Johnson.
‘Premier’ Boris Johnson.AP

Boris Johnson’s ethics advisor, Lord Christopher Giedtohas submitted its resignation after admitting that it was “valid” to ask whether the “Premier” violated the ministerial code for partygate. Geidt did not give a formal reason for his resignation, but had accepted his resignation before a parliament committee the day before. “Disappointment” over Johnson’s behavior During the downing street party scandal during the covid lockdown.

In his appearance on Tuesday, when asked whether he had thought about resigning from his post following a £100 (118 euro) fine that was found to “premier” during a police investigation, Geidt himself accepted that the resignation was A “very loud” response but one that was one of the “tools” at his disposal.

Lord Geidt, 61, was the Queen’s private secretary for a decade after a long military career. had assumed the position of “Independent Advisor on the Interests of Ministers” in April of last year and replaced Sir Alex Allenwho also resigned from his position over Johnson’s decision to dismiss his report on allegations of workplace harassment against the Home Secretary Preeti Patel,

“Reluctantly, I think it’s time to resign from my position as an independent consultant.Lord Geidt, whose reputation was already in the news following the conclusion that the “Premier” did not violate ministerial code in the “Wallpapergate” scandal, declared the redevelopment of the family’s apartment at No. 11 Downing Street,” declared in a brief statement. Using as political donations.

His departure left Boris Johnson relatively exposed to the Partygate parliamentary inquiry, which would have to determine in the coming months whether the “Premier” had intentionally lied, when he declared before the House of Commons on several occasions that the party’s party would not be allowed to vote. Rules were not violated Covid in Downing Street.

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